Beneath The Bluest Sea

The wind was roaring past my ears, threatening to take me with it.

There was nothing to do except to keep running.

Thunder streaked the clouded sky with light. The city-wide siren rang but the dark streets were empty and deep down I knew the shelter was too far.

Rain had flooded the streets so bad that water soaked me through despite my raincoat and boots.

The storm, reaching it’s apex, howled as it ripped a lamppost beside me right out the sidewalk – metal, wires and chunks of concrete flew through the air.

I covered my hooded head and turned the street corner, praying for cover.

I knew something was wrong the second my feet entered the glowing puddle. My stomach fell upwards into my throat and I was strangled with the fear of falling suddenly.

My eyes were shut, unwillingly to face what was happening. But slowly, they blinked open to find that I was sinking like an anchor to the bottom of a dark blue sea. Air bubbles rose escaped my lips to an unknown surface. Little dots glittered above, like stars getting further the more I sank. The sand was drawing me nearer.

Suddenly, a whooshing sound enveloped me.

The world seemed to tumble upside down and I dug my hands into the damp sand before I could be taken by the current. All the water was being sucked dry as soon as it had appeared. Gravity set in. I hit the dry, hot sand with a thump.

It was like reality had been put on pause. There was no clap of thunder looming above me or siren wailing.

Dunes of sand replaced the sky-scrapers and the blazing sun was already drying my soaked-through rain coat.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, staring at the calm and clear blue sky. “Is this a dream?”






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