Lessons I’ve learned Reading Books

Hey everyone!!

Today I wanted to do a quick list post about something most readers, I think, can relate to. No matter the genre, there is always a hidden message or lesson between the pages of a book. After reading so many over the course of my life so far, I thought to myself – ‘all in all, what have I actually learnt?’ 

And, well, I figured that would make a pretty good blog post topic!! Soo without further ado, here are the –

Lessons I’ve learned Reading Books


It doesn’t hurt to let the boy be the damsel

Wielding a sword or chucking firebombs doesn’t automatically make you the hero/heroine – there are many other ways to be badass

One failure doesn’t have to mean the end – try and try again

Find something to fight for and you’ll never have a reason to give up

You’ll never get the happy ending by pretending to be someone else. It’s better to be yourself from the start.

You pick up an obscene amount of survival skills reading the post-apocalyptic genre

Special abilities never work right if you don’t believe in yourself

Life is too short not to be open-minded

There is always someone willing to listen and be there for you

Put yourself in another’s shoes and suddenly you’ll find you know a whole lot more than 5 seconds ago

It may take two to make a relationship work, but that doesn’t mean literally lose yourself in them

In the end, it’s the choices that make you

. . .

Some of them are more serious than others buut those are just some lessons I thought of!! What lessons do you think you’ve learnt thanks to reading? Did you relate to any of these? Drop me a comment and let me know!! Have a happy weekend everyone <3-Mel xx


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