A New Year: Resolutions + Goals For 2018

Hellloo everybody!

So it’s officially a new year and the holidays are over. I’m sad but also excited to ride out the rest of the winter with lots of blankets, writing and hot chocolate. In fact, relaxing is kinda why I’ve been a little MIA. 

I spent New Years Eve with my other half, Robert, where we binged the new season of Black Mirror (which is awesome by the way!) and he actually got his first tattoo that morning so it was the perfect blend of exciting and relaxing. Then I spent New Years Day in bed with a migraine most of the day and decided to take a break from blogging so that I could rest up and spend some time with family.

BUT now that I’ve had a couple days off, I wanted to catch up with you all and write up my resolutions/goals for 2018! 

2017 was a series of ups and downs and despite some scares when it came to my families health, there were many things to be thankful for too (have you read my Christmas Eve post on things I’m grateful for?). But it’s a fresh new year that I’m excited to greet so without further ado, let’s get into the resolutions + goals!

. . . 

Resolutions + Goals For 2018


 ~ Resolutions ~

1. Panic less + have more patience

2. Don’t allow shyness to get in the way of opportunity

3. Save money for buying my first car

4. Write 500-1,000 words a day

~ Goals ~

1. Complete a Goodreads Challenge (12 books)

2. Finish my manuscripts quick draft by the summer

3. Take a course to learn the basics of  Unity or Unreal Engine 4.

4. Try 5 more things that I’ve always wanted to do (like Archery and Free Running)

5. Get 10 beta readers for my manuscript by spring.

6. Reach 1,000 followers on The Bookish Wanderer

7. Fill up at least 2 notebooks with writing notes and world building stuff.

8. Find a job in my dream field – game writing.

. . .

And those are all my goals and resolutions! How did you spend your New Years? Do you believe in making New Years Resolutions? Let me know what you think down in the comments below! I have some really awesome post ideas coming up and have been having fun with Instagram lately so don’t forget to add me on and we can follow each other! I hope you all are having an awesome start to your 2018 and am rooting for you and all your goals this year 🙂 Love you all,

-Mel xx


And don’t forget to follow my blog for new posts every week and on my twitter and Instagram for BTS photos and random writer rantings!

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16 thoughts on “A New Year: Resolutions + Goals For 2018

    1. Ooh really!!? I’m glad you like it! Typically I go for goals too but I saw a youtuber do something similar (Kalyn Nicholson) and thought it was interesting. Usually feel like resolutions have a negative annotation to them but her way of doing it didn’t make me feel that way 🙂 Happy new year!


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