The Video Game Tag!

Hey there everyone!

Hope your post-Christmas week has been awesome and you’re all enjoying your presents and time with family. It’s crazy how quickly Christmas just went by in a blur and now it’s over for another 12 months. And oh my god it’s already 2018!!?? In less than a week, I’ll be 22 years old and I still can’t wrap my head around that, let alone the fact that another year has gone by. *Sigh*

So today was suppose to be a Boxing Day haul but I’m still awaiting a couple things in the mail so I wanted to hold it off for just a few more days!

Instead, I wanted to do a tag I found on a really awesome gaming blog not too long ago called Leafydreamwhich is all about game and Kdrama/Jdrama reviews! She also gives a bunch of advice for learning Japanese, something she’s passionate about, and you all know how much I love learning Korean and other languages so I think this blogger is pretty awesome! So don’t forget to go check out her blog 🙂

The tag is called The Video Game Tag, a way to share with you guys all my favorite gaming stuff – so without further ado, let’s get into it!

. . .

The Video Game Tag!


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1. What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.)?

I love adventure games like Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tomb Raider, but I also play a ton of FPS like Far Cry and RPGs like Final Fantasy!

2. Which system do you prefer to game on?

I love Playstation – I started with a PS2, moved onto PS3 and now I’m on a PS4. Sometimes I play indie games on PC and have a good collection of DS games!

3. Who is your favorite video game character?

Soo hard! Here are some of my favorites: Tidus + Yuna, Nathan Drake + Elena, Baltheir + Fran and Lara Craft 🙂

4. Which game do you believe has the best plot?

I love games that have a good plot – in fact I think it’s essential for a game to be successful to have a good story…but my favorite of all time would have to be Final Fantasy X (X2)!

Also really loved the plots of Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn for their fun and creativity!

5. What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?


I ADORE Rise of The Tomb Raider. Don’t get me wrong, 1 of my favorite games of all time. But the first revamped game the studio did, simply titled ‘Tomb Raider’ just didn’t do it for me narrative wise.

6. What game are you waiting for?

I’m really curious about the upcoming  The Inpatient, a prequel to Until Dawn..that is if they move out of a VR only release!

7.  Which games do you feel have the best replay value?

Hands down Until Dawn!! It’s still scary as hell every time I play it and my boyfriend and I have replayed it with all of our friends since beating it together. Still gives me nightmares every single time xD


I also think games like Harvest Moon are so much fun! I got it all the way back when I was 12 and I still play it on my original DS to this day.

8. Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?


Stardew Valley! It’s a really easy game, it’s relaxing and suitable for both those who are avid gamers and people looking to just get into something fun and random. It’s a game about a character who’s life at JoJo Mart is getting too dull for them, so they move to their granpa’s farm for a chance to add some spice to their life. Stardew Valley is really fun, there’s always something to discover plus the writing is so well done! Concerned Ape really inspired me with his one-man project story 🙂

9. What game did you grow up on?

I grew up playing Nintendogs and Harvest Moon on my DS as well as Pokemon Stadium over at my best friends house :p

10. Which game would you like to see come back?


I would love for a PS4 remake of Final Fantasy Crisis Core, sold in actual game stores!

. . .

That was such a fun tag! I’m not sure who of my readers are fellow gamers but if you are I would love to read your version of this tag so feel free to do this tag! 😀

Have a goodnight all and happy New Year!

-Mel xx


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18 thoughts on “The Video Game Tag!

  1. Great post! I loved Horizon: Zero Dawn. I played through it twice and 100%ed it a few weeks back. Baeloy ftw. I remember being a little underwhelmed by Tomb Raider which is why I haven’t played Rise, but I’m thinking maybe I should give it a go. 🙂

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