What I Got For Christmas 2017

Heey everyone!

Holy crap, I can’t believe Christmas is already over 😮 Like, where did it go!? Is it just me or does the week leading up to Christmas go by like molasses but the ACTUAL Christmas celebrations go by faster than you can snap your fingers?

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday mainly because it’s when everyone that I love comes together whether it be family or friends. Gifts are great but as I get older, I get WAY more excited about what to give then what I’ll receive. It’s so much fun to hand a gift to one of my best friends and see their face as they unwrap a surprise!

Since it’s the end of Christmas holidays, today I wanted to do my first ever What I Got For Christmas!! I love watching this on YouTube so I couldn’t resist trying my hand at doing my own 🙂 It feels like getting to sit down with friends over coffee and showing each other all the cute things we got. So don’t forget to tell me what you got for Christmas in the comments down below – or if you did your own post like this, throw me a link!

With that said – here we go!

What I Got For Christmas 2017


I didn’t ask for too much this year – mainly special books I’d had my eye on for a while and then a few things that I really needed. On the other hand, there were some really happy surprises too!

 I got a gift-card to Chapters and Aerie from my mom, an Itunes card from my boyfriend, a card to any store in our mall from my aunt and a card to Urban Outfitters from one of my best friend Robyn! All of which I was really excited about come Boxing Day the next day! I also got some Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher chocolate which are some of my favorite sweets ❤

The picture doesn’t show it as clearly, but the white rectangle is the new BTS album, Love Yourself: Her which comes with a gorgeous poster of the members! Always so impressed with Kpop albums..amazing quality. photos, postcards –all on top of owning the actual cd!



In terms of books, I REALLY wanted The Outlandish Companion (Part 1) by Diana Gabaldon, an in-depth look at how the author began writing, came up with the ideas for the Outlander series, did the research, dealt with controversy and worked with Starz once the book was picked up by the TV channel. It was the first gift I immediately started using once presents were over and I spent a good two hours reading it xD And then…I might have taken sticky notes and marked off the particular chapters I really want to read cuz I’m weird like that xP

I also asked for an edition of The Chronicles of Narnia and this one is gorgeous! It’s almoost 800 pages and contains a bunch of the stories written by CS Lewis. Can’t wait to dig into this!


I’ve been dying to pick up The Art Of Bioshock Inifinte since I first got a peek inside on a trip to Chapters over a year ago. Since then, it practically disappeared off the face of the Earth and so it for sure had to make it onto my Christmas list xD My awesome aunt managed to find this and I seriously can never get enough of 2K’s work and creativity! For those of you who don’t know, a game art book contains all the concept art that went into pre-production of a game with side-notes of what different people on the team thought about things like characters, story, environment etc! I really loved this one especially, because it had an introduction by Bioshock’s creator/writer, Ken Levine who is one of my all time favorite game writers!

One of my favorite gifts that I received, my boyfriend Robert picked me up Horizon: Zero Dawn, a PS4 game I have loved the idea of since the first few trailers started picking up. It follows the story Alloy, a girl living in a world where society as we know it fell thousands of years ago. Now, people are primal, divided into tribes and fighting everyday in a world run by animalistic machines. It’s such an incredibly cool concept and I am totally not ashamed of how many hours I’ve put into the game since receiving it!!




In terms of health/beauty/fashion, I got the Zenith Zip Sports Bra from Blogilates which matches the leggings I got not too long ago and I’m SO excited about it! The mesh and zipper detail is so cool :3

My aunt alsoo grabbed a tank from ALLKPOP that says ‘Leader.’ on the front and a super cute ‘Leader Facts’ on the back. Leader is a role in Kpop groups and it always makes me laugh how accurate the tops are – since I’m the oldest in my group of friends apart from one guy friend, I figured it was fitting xP So excited to go running and wear this muscle tee in the summer!

A gift that just kept growing thanks to my best friend Kim, my mom and my boyfriends mom, I was happy to receive a bunch of Lush goodies – Christmas is my favorite time at Lush!! Mainly because my favorite products from them happen to be the Snow Fairy body wash which smells like cotton candy and the Snow Angel bath melt which smells like marzipan…yum ❤ I also grab H’suan Wen Huan whenever possible because it does wonders on my hair! Also, for some reason I swear it makes my hair smell like gingerbread xD

And finally, I got a new makeup bag from my mom. I don’t own that much, mainly just some Lush skincare but this cute white and flamingo printed makeup bag was such a cute surprise!


One gorgeous surprise my aunt got me was this minimalist, sterling silver bracelet with the words ‘Art is The Weapon’, which is one my favorite quotes. It’s from a etsy store called Caitlyn Minimalist.  I lovee dainty jewelry and tattoos so this was such a sweet and meaningful gift!


Annnd lastly, this was another gift from Etsy, a Writer mug with a hilariously accurate definition and a type writer picture on the back xD I LOVE it.

 . . .

And that’s my list for What I Got For Christmas! How were your holidays spent? What did you receive for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below 😀 Have a goodnight and stay tuned for a boxing day haul coming Friday!

-Mel xx


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8 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2017

  1. I’ve been loving these kinds of posts! I’m so curious about what everyone got haha! I recently started playing Horizon zero dawn since I’m on holiday and I’m so addicted!!! I normally lose interest in open world games, but this one is just so much fun! 😀

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  2. These gifts are the cutest! I love the mug! I’m currently obsessed with lush bath bombs and beauty products, they are all so nice. Unfortunately, my skin is sensitive and breaks out when I put on some of the face masks and lotions, but their shower products are really nice! Okay, now I’m talking about Lush too much haha :). What was your all time favorite gift you got for the holidays?Thanks for the post! Xx, Stell :).

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