Shuffle The Music Tag!

Hey everyone!!

Karalee from Tales of Belle did this tag not too long ago – I saw it pop up on my blog and though I wasn’t tagged – now I think I might be obsessed! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Soundtrack Saturdays because I’ve been exploring new bands and brainstorming some ways to spice it up.

I thought this tag sounded like so much fun in the meantime, as a way for me to keep expressing my love for music. The idea is to – like the title says – shuffle through 15 random songs andd talk about each one that pops up. Soo without further ado, let’s get into it!

. . .

Shuffle The Music Tag!

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  2. Shuffle your entire music library and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up
  3. Mention the songs as well as the artists
  4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and let them know

A Shuffle Playlist

Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)

An oldie but a goodie!


Absolution (The pretty Reckless)

Our generations Joan Jett. Funny that she showed up right after her on shuffle~


Here I Am (Tom Odell)

So classy and if his lyrics aren’t breaking hearts, they’re fluttering them. 


White Night Intro (Taeyang)

Taeyang’s intros are always uplifting and fun to move to! Taeyang is true to his name!


The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (The Script)

The Script are awesome story tellers when it comes to music, this song is so romantic!!


Take A Life With Me (The 100 S3 OST)

I’ve been listening to The 100 OST non-stop…especially this track! It’s goosebump-inducing. 


Soul Mates (Placebo)

Romantic, intense, too-much eyeliner. All my favorite things about 90’s. 


Take It Slow (Taeyang)

Take It Slow is going to be THAT special song at my wedding. It’s perfect and irreplaceable ❤ 


20th Century Boy (Placebo)

This cover is one of my favorite’s by and full of good vibes!placebotop.jpg

Violently (Archive)

An intense and  hypnotizing song done by crazy talented Archive. I need to get back into them ASAP!


Bodies (Smashing Pumpkins)

One of my favorite’s by these guys – right next to Love!


Dirty Little Secret (The All-American Rejects)

I forgot I even owned this song – the middle-school me was screaming xD My best friend, Kim, and I still know all the lyrics, I guarantee you. 


Time and Time Again (Papa Roach)

Classic Papa Roach, you can never get a bad song on their older albums!


Rich (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Powerhouse Karen O and her insta-dance song that always makes me move when I hear it come on!


That XX (G-Dragon)

I’ve always loved this track! G-Dragon’s vulnerability/rawness at it’s best. 


. . .

Ahh this tag was so fun! It was awesome to find music in a sea of about 1,500 songs, so many of which I totally forgot I had xD If you love music or are simply looking for something quick and fun to do, I say give this tag a shot!

I tag:

That’s it for me today so I’m out – Have a happy week all! 😀

-Mel xx


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