My Character Aesthetics Part 2!!


How’s it going on your end? 🙂

Not too long ago, I did a really fun post called Character Aesthetics, where I put together collages of photos that related to the characters in my Sci/Fi novel. I mentioned that I was still missing a few important characters because I didn’t want to make the post too long — today I was craving super bad to finally do that part 2 and show the remaining characters some love!

…Plus let’s be real, aesthetics are just really fun to make!

. . .

My Character Aesthetics Part 2!!


If you haven’t checked out any of the posts related to my Sci/Fi Novel, here’s a quick summary — Which is still a WIP!!

My WIP novel (which doesn’t have a set name yet) follows the story of an escaped prisoner named Ava Hale, and Linc Finlay, the soldier turned allie who was sent to recapture her – 

Ava has been raised in The Safe Zone all her life but with the pressures of a path she feels nothing for quickly becoming her life, she decides to sneak out with friends to an illegal party beyond the walls. However, the party is cut short by a raiding party and Ava is arrested. Taken far from home and suddenly thrown into a terrifying and dangerous prison, Ava witnesses a series of experiments that’s been kept a secret from her people for decades. 

When the prison is attacked by rebel forces trying to take down the soldiers keeping her prisoner, Ava takes the chance to escape and goes on a quest to exploit the truth about those who were meant to protect them all.

. . .

Peter Hale

An ex-cop who vowed to take down Biosteel and their experiments at any cost, rising an entire rebellion beneath the underground in the abandoned subway system. His biggest regret? Choosing a rebellion over raising his daughter and loving his wife. All that matters to him now is finishing what he started – or making sure his son does no matter the cost. 

Noah Wildes

You’ll always think you know everything about Noah until he side-sweeps your expectations once again. A boy full of mystery, his past is completely unknown even to his closest friend, Linc. Not a fighter but always a protector, Noah is known for his scavenging skills and mapping sections out that no sane person will dare try. 

Belle Lillian White

A charismatic chameleon, Belle has grown up privileged in The City. It might seem like she’s all about vying for the winning side but Belle is more than just a pretty face. She can fight for her friends just fine without ever having to pick up a gun because the right kind of snooping and gossiping can get a girl far. 

Travis Rhyker 

To all city-dwellers, Rhyker and his family are nothing but wastes of space. With his father a fallen-from-grace technician, most people expect Travis to never even get far enough to fall. But Travis won’t back into the shadows and be forgotten. With his sights set on destroying the system that’s starved, wronged and killed so many who were loyal to The City, the rebellion could really use a fueled up hacker like Rhyker.

I had a lot more fun this time around actually – even if these weren’t the main protagonists, Linc & Ava. I kept in theme of pinning a native spirit animal to each character, just like my Part 1 because of the woods being a major setting in the novel and was really happy with how these all turned out!

. . .

What exercises do you like to use to work on your characters on get inspired? Let me know in the comments down below! I’m always looking for new ways to explore mine 🙂

Anyway, that’s it for me tonight! Have a good night everyone and sleep tight!

-Mel xx


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