Winter Is Here Write Tag!!

Hey everyone!

Soo the seriously amazing Kat Impossible has created a tag that’s so up my alley and when I saw it pop up on my feed this morning I knew I had to do it! It’s called ‘Winter Is Here Write Tag’, kind of similar to the ‘All Hallows Write Tag’ I did back in October. I loved that tag so it’s so awesome to see another blogger create another one! I wasn’t tagged directly but the questions look like so much so thanks Kat and don’t forget to check out here’s right after 🙂

So without further ado – let’s it a go!

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Winter Is Here Write Tag!!



  • Thank the person who tagged you but also link back to the original post(I want to see all your beautiful answers, people!)
  • Provide a short description of your WIP/story!
    My WIP novel (which doesn’t have a set name yet) follows the story of an escaped prisoner named Ava Hale, and Linc Finlay, the soldier turned allie who was sent to recapture her – 

    Ava has been raised in The Safe Zone all her life but with the pressures of a path she feels nothing for quickly becoming her life, she decides to sneak out with friends to an illegal party beyond the walls. However, the party is cut short by a raiding party and Ava is arrested. Taken far from home and suddenly thrown into a terrifying and dangerous prison, Ava witnesses a series of experiments that’s been kept a secret from her people for decades. 

    When the prison is attacked by rebel forces trying to take down the soldiers keeping her prisoner, Ava takes the chance to escape and goes on a quest to exploit the truth about those who were meant to protect them all.

  • Don’t use the same character for more than 3 answers!

*I knoww my description is kinda long xD It’s still a WIP. But if you wanna learn more about my characters, check out my Character Aesthetics post to meet them before reading this!

Questions & Answers

Which protagonist is most likely to break into Christmas song first? Bonus: What song?


Linc might be the good singer but breaking out into Christmas caroling is totally not something he’d do. That’d be more like my character Belle who is just in general a happy, self-confident, boisterous girl. If she’s feeling Christmas-y you’ll know it! I could definitely see her singing something like Silent Night with flirty undertones to impress some boy.

It’s the first snow of the season, who would immediately book a ticket to a hot beach location?


Most of my characters are forced to survive in the Canadian-like wilderness for a good chunk of the story so I don’t think snow would bother them. However, Dom Finaly, who’s my antagonist, is a leader who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty or leave the safe confides of his stronghold, The Compound. So he would definitely be the one to get away from unwanted weather!

Which character believed in Santa (or a mystical equivalent) for the longest time?

large (1).png

My character Sav is definitely the type of person to believe in the mystical stuff. She’s a huge book worm and would probably love getting her hands on as many Santa Claus folklore as she could! Sav is the kind of person who would believe in magic until someone told her otherwise.

Who is most likely to build a blanket fort and go into hibernation with books, Netflix and tea/hot cocoa/coffee?


Again…Sav xD As I mention, she’s a big reader and not as outdoorsy as the rest of her group so she would much rather be comfy in a blanket fort while everyone else was out in the snow…and she’d totally cute her way into making her better half Noah help build the fort despite him dyiing to clob Linc with a snowball or two.

Who would be the first to start a snowball fight and then get really competitive about it?

large (1).jpg

Ava Hale, my protag, is all for a little friendly competition! She’s short and quick and while not always the most agile, is definitely the most competitive. She’d get a kick out of having a snowball war with her twin brother Hawke and lover Linc.

Who buys their Christmas presents super last minute?

large (2)

Ava and Hawke’s father, Peter Hale, is a super busy guy. Actually, come to think of it, so is there mom. Both parents might live separately but they both love their work and would totally be the type to finally make it out of work late at night and suddenly go ‘oh crap it’s Christmas eve!’

There’s a local snowman competition, who would be the best sculptor? What would they build?


Kinda hard to say because I don’t think any of my characters are crazy artsy — But I think Hawke is definitely my most warm-hearted/softest character and can be super childlike because he has a 4 year old daughter. I could totally see him taking her out to play in the snow and build a snowman!

If someone were to organize a Secret Santa event, who would it be?

large (3).jpg

For sure my character Noah! He’s a scavenger with a have big heart and cares about everyone in the group so I could really see him wanting to make sure everyone knows they’re loved and gets something cool.

Someone refuses to leave the house unless strictly necessary because of the cold. Who is it?


Like I said, Sav isn’t a big fan of the outdoors. There are quite a few scenes where she can be found in an old classroom, library or something else similar so I could definitely see her sitting in a window with a book in her lap thinking ‘wow the snow looks pretty – from inside here.’ and going back to her book.

Who puts style before comfort and would rather freeze in fashionable clothes than be warm but not on trend?

large (4).jpg

For sure Belle! She’s sassy and gorgeous in whatever she wears whether it be city clothes or a warriors outfit decked out in metal and fur beyond the wall. But of course, it wouldn’t be about the climate. Even with a war looming Belle would totally think about what to accessorize with.

. . .

Thanks again to Kat for creating such an awesome tag!! I highly recommend this one if you love writing because I had so much fun doing it :3 If you liked reading this than definitely have a go and do it yourself too!

How hyped are you for the holidays!? I am! Are you thinking about doing this tag and telll me in the comments how you’re celebrating the holidays so far 🙂

Have a good rest of the week!

-Mel xx


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13 thoughts on “Winter Is Here Write Tag!!

  1. What a fun tag! I’m not sure I keep enough characters around to really answer these questions! 😛 I tend to keep the number of characters pretty slim–at least with my recent stories.

    We love Christmas! We’re singing Christmas carols for lullabies, and we’ve got our tree up. We’ve gone looking at Christmas lights and watched “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” All good fun!
    Merry Christmas!

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