The Struggles of Living in Montreal

Heyy everyone!

So I decided to do a quick and maaybe kinda random post today but I thought it might be fun :p I’ve done a couple posts in the past called ‘The Struggle of…’ and you guys seem to really like it so I really wanted to do one about the struggles of living in Montreal! So let’s get into it!

. . .

The Struggles of Living in Montreal


All the universities are downtown

The language barrier – Parlez-vous Francais?

And even if you do master French here….it’s totally different from France French

The STM (busing system) is literally never on time and costs an arm and a leg

But since the construction is so bad, you’ll give any amount of limbs to them if it means you don’t have to drive!

Let’s be real – with how little days of warmth we have versus cold, we mine as well only have 2 seasons: Spring + Arctic Winter

The anxiety-filled / awkward moment when you and your waitress don’t speak the same language soo you just point and mime at the menu

The struggle of not being a crazed Hockey fan

When the city is so big that you still manage to get lost sometimes even after 4 years of studying there

When you realize you forget the English word for something and only know it in French – even though you’re Anglophone

. . .

But in all seriousness – I love living in Montreal! There’s the giant theme park LaRonde, the literal goldmine of history and of course the diversity of people and cultures…the gorgeous Mont Royal east and Rigaud woods on the west, The Old Port and Le Plateau…the ridiculous amount of popular events/concerts that go on yearly whether it’s sweltering hot or icicles are forming on your fingertips. Montreal is one big colorful mix of people and locations!

Where do you live and what are the struggles of where you live? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Goodnight everyone ❤

-Mel xx


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18 thoughts on “The Struggles of Living in Montreal

    1. Hehehe yeahh the cold is strange! When I was a kid I could spend hours in the snow and now I’m like a grandma. But then I’ll still see people jogging in shorts in the middle of December like it’s a hot summer day xD

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  1. It must be both crazy and so much fun to live in a city where there are two different languages! It must be hard since it’s a different dialect than the French over in France haha! Still, it sounds like you’re having fun there 😀

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  2. Hello Melissa!
    Love this post, which made me smile 🙂 Some of your struggles apply to where I live as well (London and Toronto, Ontario), such as the cold whether and the public transit. It is funny that you don’t always speak the same language as your waitress 🙂 As a bilingual (Mandarin and English), I know the feeling of knowing something in one language but not knowing how to say it in the other!

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  3. Montreal looks like a lovely kind of struggle–I’d love to visit there someday, and see how my wife’s France French compares.
    I live in the sticks outside Kansas City. The biggest struggle for us is that my wife and I met in a very pedestrian-friendly college town, and we loved walking everywhere. Now it’s a 20 minute drive to get to anything other than pig farms and corn fields. It’s a love-hate relationship, I suppose. We love the clean air, and seeing all the animals and whatnot, but we really miss being able to walk down to the library or museum.

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