The TMI Tag!

Hey guys!

How goes it? So since I’ve been doing a ton of book/writing related posts lately, I wanted to just let todays post be more chill 🙂 (and low-key quick so I can get back to writing hehehe).

I really wanted to do the TMI Tag today which is a tag that’s been going on for quite a few years. I’m not sure who started it buut like the name suggests, it’s just a bunch of random quick-answer questions. Since I don’t know the creator, I figured I’d just give a shout-out to some of my favorite YouTubers that did it and made me love this tag from the moment it started going around the internet; Clothesenoucnters LaurDiy. 

. . .

The TMI Tag

1. What Are You Wearing?

Since it’s 10 pm currently and I like to be comfy when I write, I’m wearing my ‘Bla-sé’ MarqueeNoir Sweatshirt and some pj shorts from Aerie.

2. Have You Ever Been In Love?


Yes! With my boyfriend Robert who I’ve been with for about 5 1/2 years 😀

3. Have You Ever Had A Bad Breakup?

No actually – I did have one other ‘boyfriend’ in the last year of elementary/start of high-school and since we were so young, it was more like a close friendship then anything else so when that fizzled out, it wasn’t on bad terms.

4. How Tall Are You?

Last time I checked I was 5’9!

5. Do You Have Any Tattoos?

Yes, I have 2! I did posts about them too! I have a babys breath tattoo on the back of my left arm annd a quill on the side of my wrist 🙂

6. Do You Have Any Piercings?

Yes! I have an industrial piercing and my nose piercing. I use to wearing regular earrings all the time but it use to irritate my lobes so much that I just sort of gave up and let them close. I also had my tongue pierced at one point but that didn’t last more then like 3 weeks or so. I love them on other people and sometimes regret wussing out but I ended up just not loving it on me.

7. OTP?

Hmmm…it would have to be Jaime and Claire of Outlander – always xP But also really loving BUGHEAD of Riverdale!

8. Favorite Show?

I love bingewatching shows but my favorite show of all would have to be Outlander.

9. Favorite Band?

That’s soo hard and entirely impossible for me! Can I give a top 4? Placebo, Marianas Trench,  Highly Suspect and BTS.

10. Something You Miss?

I miss cooking and eating healthier. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I was attempting to go ‘flexitarian’ (basically fully vegetarian with one meal a week that’s meat. It was good if you were trying to wane off meat slowly.) There was this blog my boyfriend and I would take meat-free recipes from all the time and it was a really fun thing to do together and to learn new ways to cook..and of course to know that what we’re eating was good for us.

11. Favorite Song?

Hands down lately, it’s been ‘Chicago‘ and ‘Vanity‘ from Highly Suspect! Go check ’em out!! ❤

12. How Old Are You?

I am currently 21 – my birthday is January 5th, 1996 🙂

13. Quality You Look For In A Person?

I want someone who is mature but also someone who I can be silly with – I’m a really shy person so knowing I can be myself and feel comfortable with my boyfriend is the best feeling in the world!

14. Favorite Quote?

Ahh that’s hard! I have 2 book quote posts on my blog so I was flipping through them to job my memory since I was totally drawing a blank…I’d definitely have to go with these two! Both have to do with taking risks in a way which I really relate to.

“Now, years later, I can translate that lesson into: safe isn’t always better than sorry. Sometimes you need sorry to appreciate the safe. And sometimes safe is just plain boring.” – Of Triton

All throughout elementary and high school, I was my most anxious. Everything stressed me out. But once I finished college, I promised myself I’d do my things that freaked me out – hence the Of Triton quote.

“Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn’t.” – Hush, Hush

And as for the one from Hush, Hush…that one has more to do with my personality. I’m generally a really trusting/forgiving person. I like to believe the best in people, despite what they might have done in the past.

“Art Is The Weapon.” – My Chemical Romance

This last one has been a big part of me for years – so important that I’m still considering getting it tattoed on the inside of my arm. Art has always been a big part of me and my outlet for self-expression and dealing with difficult things so in a way, it is my weapon.

15. Favorite Actress/Actor?

I LOVE anything Saoirse Ronan (Lovely Bones) – she’s a lovely and talented girl and I automatically watch anything she’s in. As for actors…I have horrible luck apparently because my top three favorite actors aren’t actually in that much xD But whatever they do appear in, tends to be indie stuff or they were only in a couple films. I love Joe Anderson (Across The Universe) and Scott Speedman (Underworld).

16. Favorite Color?


Probably turquoise 🙂

17. Loud Music Or Soft?

It completely depends on my mood! Buut typically if I’m not listening to’s loud!

20. Where Do You Go When Your Sad?

Either in my bedroom downstairs or to my boyfriends!

21. How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning?

Since I’m almost always running late for work and it requires a speedy morning routine – 15 minutes!

22. Ever Been In A Physical Fight?

No actually xD

23. Turn On?

Someone who’s healthy and loves music.

24. Turn Off?

Someone who’s obnoxiously loud and immature. Also people who are ignorant/arrogant. Obviously, being a woman, I’m really big on women’s rights being equal as well as a supporter of the LGBTQ community so seeing people blatantly disrespect that really irritates me!

25. Reason I Started Blogging?

I did it as a way to express myself! I’ve written on so many other blogs with their own rules and also wanted to work on writing more regularly. So my blog became a way to do just that.

26. Fears?

The ocean, sharks and the dark! Also, spiders are not my friend 😮

27. Last Thing That Made You Cry?

My grandmother went into surgery not too long ago and while it turned out alright in the end, the whole thing was really terrifying.

28. Last Time You Said You Love Someone?

My boyfriend!

29. Where Did You Get Your Blog Name?

I thought about a name for a really long time since I feel like I’m horrible with titles in general…but I knew I wanted a book blog with a touch of lifestyle. Bookish Wanderer mainly comes from the fact that I love how books make your mind wander places buut wanderer also relates to the fact that hopefully, I can travel someday!

30. Last Book You Read? 


Still working on Voyager by Diana Gabaldon!

31. Last Show You Watched?


I was watching the new episode of Riverdale earlier :p

32. Last Person You Talked To?

My mom – she came in to ask if I wanted to watch Stranger Things tonight (yes, I got my mom addicted to Stranger Things hehe!)

33. Relationship With The Last Person You Talked With?

I last talked to my boyfriend over text.

34. Favorite Food?

Anything Korean! Especially seafood pancakes *drools*

35. Where Would You Like To Visit?

If you couldn’t tell by my last answer..South Korea is at the top of my list xD But also Italy to where my grandfather grew up and Scotland…because Outlander.

36. Last Place You Were?

Starbucks with my mom after my driving class –

37. Your Crush?

I mean – why have a crush if you’re already in love? :p

40. Last Time You Kissed Someone?

My boyfriend goodbye last weekend 🙂

41. Last Time You Were Insulted?

Hmmm…honestly it had to do with a coworker. It was differences of we like to do things between me as a closer at our restaurant and him as an opener. No need to get into details though xD

42. Favorite Flavor Of Sweet?

If we’re talking candy, I loove sweettarts. Otherwise, I love any sort of baked goods.

43. What Instruments Can You Play?

None well but I would love to learn more guitar and get piano lessons. Piano is my favorite though!

44. Favorite Piece of Jewelry?

It’s hard to choose one…But I love ones with sentimental value. I have a ring with a green stone my aunt gave me that use to belong to my grandmother. And I have a jasper stone necklace my boyfriend got me from a Pagan shop this summer on his vacation – apparently it’s suppose to represent getting over a difficult hurdle (my mother had had a stroke during his vacation so I’d been a total mess) and also inspire creativity. It was one of the most thoughtful presents I ever received.

45. Last Sport You Played?

Does Blogilates count? If not..I use to be reeally into scoccer and running. I still run in the summer but haven’t been able to join a soccer team since I turned 18.

46. Last Song You Sang?

My coworker and I started singing along to ‘Say Something’ yesterday when we realized we were both mumbling it to ourselves xD

47. Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone?

My best friend Kimberly the other day – we met up downtown after her classes, went book shopping and went to Lush!

48. Who Do You Tag Next?

I know this is quite an old tag soo I’m just going to play it safe and tag anyone who’s interested 🙂

. . .

That’s it for me! Have you done the TMI tag or are planning to? Let me know in the comments down below!

Have a goodnight everyone, love ya!

-Mel xx


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