The Best Book Related Memories Tag!

Hey everyone!

So I was hoping to get a quick tag out this week since I’ve been going hard at writing 😛

Fortunately, Jenna Moreci over on YouTube did this awesome tag called The Best Book Related Memories Tag over on her channel and I loved it! The rules of the tag are to name 3 of your favorite book memories whether it has to do about books you’ve read, books you’ve written or something to do with an author…etc, so long as it has something to do with reading/writing!

Soo let’s get into it some nostalgia! 🙂

The Best Book Related Memories Tag!


Memory #1 ~ Reading Goosebumps With My Dad


This is probably one of my fondest childhood memories. I 100% attribute the fact that I love reading to my parents. My mom use to take me to Chapters all the time, and I always remember them telling me ‘well never say no to books!’ – the only thing better than trips to the bookstore with my mom, was when I read with my dad before bed. He read to me and then use to challenge me to read to him when I got old enough. Around the time my grandfather passed away, things got really bumpy within my family but no matter what was happening in my life, staying up way past my bed time and watching Goosebumps reruns with my dad or reading those ‘choose your own mystery’ ones before bed was a much needed constant in my life. It taught me how much fun reading could be as well!

Memory #2 ~ If I Stay + Where She Went


If I Stay by Gale Forman was one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. My stories all have quite a bit of dark content in them like death, addiction and abuse but I always felt, growing up, people were always asking me the same question – ‘why would you write about that?’. If you’ve read If I Stay, then you know it’s quite the emotional read. It was also the first book I read that talked about dark topics and still had a dedicated fan-base, inspiring me that what I wanted to write wasn’t a bad thing. Another thing I always felt self-conscious about was that my YA manuscript had a weird narration, going back and forth between past and present. Until If I Stay, I felt like my idea was way too confusing. But to see this idea work so beautifully in Gale Formans work really motivated me to just trust my instincts.


Since this book was so important to me…I was understandably TERRIFIED when the movie was announced. But then I was completely blown away. To this day, it still brings me to tears every time I watch it (only because it’s so well done! xD) and remains a major influential read in my own writing ❤ …And because book 2 (Where She Went) was even  better…I’m still holding out for a second movie hehehe.

Memory #3 ~ Finishing Outlander

Outlander (by Diana Gabaldon) makes this list for a few reasons. I kept hearing YouTuber Sasha from Abookutopia talking nonstop about this book and while it was super far from the genre I typically go for, something told me I was missing out. It was challenging in size, something totally different for me and the best OTP of life!! Since, I’ve barreled through book 2 + 3 annd I plan on tearing through the rest of the show and books so long as they keep coming.  Outlander was the first book I finished in a loong time because I was so stressed about finising college and up to my eyeballs in work so the experience of being kept up until 7am because I could noot put this book down was amazing. I hadn’t felt so addicted and invested in a story and characters in what felt like forever.  So besides just hands down being in my top three favorite books ever…Outlander also made a pretty special impact on me 🙂

. . .

It was super hard to narrow the list down this much but I made it to 3! :p This tag was super fun to do so if you’re into reading/writing, I tag you to do it too! Books and reading in general has made such an impact on my life from self-confidence as a person and writer, to learning something new and making a connection to a fictional character who just gets me.

Here are a few people I’m tagging but feel free to do it too!


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The Book Mermaid

Anyway, that’s all for me tonight. I have my editing workshop tomorrow and have to be up super early sooo goodnight everyone! Wish me luck and have an epic weekend ❤

-Mel xx


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14 thoughts on “The Best Book Related Memories Tag!

  1. I am going to look up Foreman. But Gabaldon had me hooked too. That woman is pure genius, isn’t she? Such fat books — you could injure someone with them. But you just tear through them. The amazing thing I found out is that she never set foot in Scotland before writing half of the series. Ain’t that utterly butterly crazy?!

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  2. I might have to give the Outlander books a try sometime, I absolutely love the show, and I know I’ll love the books as well, it’s just … they’re huuuuuge xD Anyway, thanks so much for tagging me! I loved this type of tag and also reading your answers! It’s lovely that your parents had such a big influence on your reading habits ❤

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  3. Hi Melissa 🙂
    Yes! I remember Goosebumps and Choose Your Own Adventure stories! Back then, my parents took me to Chapters often as well. I think they were also of the “never say no to books” mindset- however, they made me stay in the bookstore to read a book that I liked, because we couldn’t afford to buy books. (Yes I was one of thoooose kids hahaha!) Now I can buy my own books, but those are still memories that I look upon fondly :’)

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