My Character Aesthetics!

Helloo everybody!

So it’s officially NaNoWriMo and I’ve been trying to work on my goals the past few days.

But I’m feeling like I’m in need of a burst of inspiration tonight soo I thought it would be cool to do a character aesthetic for each of my 4 lead characters! Besides…this was on my list of Writing Goals for this month anyways so heres to productivity? xD I first saw this idea over at My Paper Infinity’s blog and thought it was pretty genius! So go check out her post right after to get some seriously pretty and satisfying aesthetics.

While it’s super scary to share more of this manuscript – I’m also super excited to! So I hope you enjoy these and learning a bit more about my story and it’s characters 🙂 I tried to play around with not only their struggles/personalities throughout the book but since the wilderness is such an important setting, I was inspired by the idea of using spirit animals too!

Character Aesthetics 

Ava Hale

A girl who grew up confined, craves adventure. A girl groomed to follow in her mothers footsteps forged her own path just when she thinks she’s out of choices.

Linc Finlay

A soldier with a rebel heart. Numbed by a past, and haunted by his deeds, unthawed by one girl and her cause.


A rebel who’s lived his life with a heavy-weighted legacy. A gifted hunter with a silver tongue.

Sav Brody

A quiet bookish girl who felt confined to her shell. She started as a powerless prisoner until she was gifted (or cursed) with a tempting ability that tests her morals.

. . .

And that’s an aesthetic for all of my main characters! It was super fun to do and like character building (which is my favorite part of writing!) but getting to do it in an all new way 🙂 Have you ever made aesthetics for your characters? What’s your favorite way to build characters? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Thanks so much for supporting my NaNoWriMo and writing journey, hope you found some inspiration for your own writing and enjoyed this post! Have a good weekend everyone!

-Mel xx


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