5 Heroines I’d Love To Go On An Adventure With!

Helloo everyone!

So I got the idea for this post a couple days ago while thinking of what my favorite heroine of all time might be. Of course, that was basically impossible to answer because there were so many options buut the question gave me a cool idea for a blog post!

Today I’m going to share female heroines I’d love to adventure with whether it be heroines from books, games or shows/movies! So let’s get into it! 🙂

Heroines I’d Love To Go On An Adventure With

Jenny Fraser

So I know that in one of my last posts where I did the Book Characteristics, I said that Claire was a heroine I admired, if I were to go on an adventure I’d definitely pick Jenny Fraser. Big sister of our beloved red-haired Scot, Jenny is just as thick-headed and strong.

From the moment we meet her, we know her is a young girl who brought her childhood friend (and future husband) back to health when his leg gets amputated in war, a fearless mother, and a loving, loyal friend who does anything for her family.

It was when I watched her help Claire track Red Coats -literally days after giving birth – and hear the story of how she blackmailed her brother and friend into teaching her how to track/survive when she was a child that I realized she would make an awesome travelling companion. Between her wits, fierceness and skills in survival, I don’t think I could go wrong with her as a adventuring companion. 


Yuna is hands down my favorite video game heroine. While Final Fantasy X-2 isn’t exactly my favorite game, I love Yuna just as much in that story as much as I do in Final Fantasy X. Numerous times, she sacrifices herself not only for her loved ones, but her people too. In the face of evil, she does everything she can with her summoning powers to help rather than hiding behind her guardians. She’s incredibly powerful and selfless.

Going on adventure and roaming a land as cool as Spira with Yuna and her septor or her two guns would be epic.

Cassey Sullivan

I know Cassey might come off as slightly moody in The Fifth Wave – but considering everything the girls been through before the story even begins, I don’t blame her one bit! Between losing her father and Earth’s guests kidnapping her brother, Cassey’s temper and hostility is well deserved.

But what I love about Cassey is that her lose doesn’t cripple her – it strengthens her. She’s always on her guard and quickly finds her independence and how to survive when she is left alone to defend herself.

If our world was taken over by aliens, I’d definitely want Cassey on my side to travel with and fight shady visitors with when the world goes to hell.


I always get inspired by the transition Tris makes from a shy and quiet girl to not just a tough warrior but something even more. Just seeing her fearlessly run with her decision to be Dauntless and train hard even when she’s kicked down. She’s levelheaded even though those mental tests dauntless have to go through are freaky as hell and she doesn’t back down from the most intimidating of rivals if her gut tells her something is off.

I’d love training alongside her or having her on my side in dangerous terrain because I know she’d kick butt! Plus I know she’d motivate me to never give up :p

Lara Croft

Maybe this is a given? To me, Lara Croft is the epitome of adventure. Whether it’s hunting for a lost treasure in a tomb, trekking up a mountain icy mountain or infiltrating a camp of bad-guys to save friends, Lara is a lethal mix of intelligence and skill.

I’m not even gunna lie…she’s inspired me to take up archery sometime or go camping in the wilderness or do a survival camp of sorts. Lara is the ultimate heroine and going adventuring alongside her would be awesome!

. . .

Well that’s my list of heroine’s I’d love to adventure with! Do you ever imagine which of your bad-ass female protags you’d like to fight alongside? Which!? Let me know in the comments down below!!

With that said, I’m gunna hunker down and play the new Assassins Creed game while this horrendously windy storm goes on outside! 🙂 Happy early Halloween everyone, have a good one!

-Mel xx


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