Liebster Award (Pt. 3) + Q&A For 600 Followers!?

Helloo everybody!

I LITERALLY cannot wrap my head around it — The Bookish Wanderer has officially got over 600 wonderfully awesome followers. You guys! Thank you so much for supporting this blog…it all started as a promise to express myself creatively and a place that became therapeutic when things got hard. But you’ve all made this blogging journey so fun and exciting – I’ve gotten to chat with people all over the world and met some amazing fellow bloggers over these past monthsI wanted to celebrate by doing a special Q&A with you all soo if you wanna be apart of it, drop me a question in the comments below and I’ll answer them all Wednesday!!

I was actually planning my Halloween costume ideas post for today but I noticed a couple days ago that I got a pretty cool nomination! Thanks so much to Claire of BooksCoffeeAndRepeat for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I’ve done it two other times before and it’s always fun answering questions from fellow bloggers – so hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to check out Claire’s blog when you’re done!! 😀

Rules –

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

Claire’s Questions:

How many books have you read so far this year?

This is gunna be bad but…only 6 xD 3 of which are apart of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and thise books are massive soo forgive me?

Recommend your top 5 Halloween reads.

You can actually check out that post here, because I did it just a few weeks ago :p

Favorite (book) villain & why.

At the moment, it would have to be Jack Randall from Outlander. He’s so thoroughly evil.

What do you think of ADVANCE READER COPIES/UNCORRECTED PROOFS? Do you collect them? *cough* #booksfortrade *cough*

I think adv. copies are cool :p Bloggers/Booktubers play a major role in helping writers sell their books soo I think it’s a cool opportunity for both sides!

Do you think the book community (i.e. bookstagram) is becoming more materialistic? Why or why not?

I want to say yes…but not in a bad way. It’s cool how readers have more access to bookish merch these days and bookstagramers have such awesome skills!

Do you watch booktube? What do you think of popular booktubers?

I love Booktube just as much as the blogging community – from writing books to launching their own publishing company, they’ve shown just how talented bookish people can be :p By far If I Stay and Outlander!

Favorite book to tv/movie adaptation? Do you read classics? Which are your favorite?

By far If I Stay and Outlander!!

 Do you read classics? Which are your favorite?

I usually only read them if it’s something I’ve got to read for class but I did really love Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen when I took an English class called Fool For Love.

What fictional occupation do you want to have?

I literally have no ideaa! …Maybe a Shadow Hunter?  ;p

How often do you shop for books? And do you have any money saving tips for your fellow book nerds?

I’d definitly say only splurge when you ACTUALLY have nothing left to read, not when your TBR is piling high already buut who actually listens to that advice – I totally can’t xD I USE to go shopping for books maybe once a week but now its more like every few months.

Your top 3 anticipated reads in 2018?

I’ve done a horrible job of keeping up with upcoming releases because my TBR is nuts but I diid do a Fall TBR recently!

I tag:

The Nerdy Lion

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My Questions For You:

  1. What is your favorite blog post that you’ve wrote so far?
  2. What/who got you into reading?
  3. How do you get through a reading slump?
  4. What is your OTP!?
  5. Who is your ultimate favorite book character?
  6. If you had to choose a book universe to move to forever, where would you go?
  7. Do you want to be an author? If so, what are you working on currently!
  8. What is your ultimate dream job?
  9. What book do you wish would be turned into a movie?
  10. Whats the last book that made you cry?
  11. What are your top 3 favourite things to do?

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today! Thanks again to Claire and the rest of the blogging community who continues to support me and nominate me for these things. You guys are all so sweet and awesome!

Have a good week everyone! And don’t forget to comment a question for my Q&A Wednesday!! 🙂 Thank you all again for being apart of something that’s become so close to my heart ❤

-Mel xx

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