The Perfect Halloween: A Bucket List

Hey everyone!!

How goes it on this chilly mid-October night? Or maybe it’s not cold at all where you’re from – and in that case you’re so lucky!

Despite the cold, I like to think I’m a glass half full kinda girl soo I’ve been getting pretty hyped for Halloween. The other day, I went out with my friend Kimberly to search for some missing accessories for my costume. I’m not gunna say what I’ll be dressing up as just yet because I think I might do a DIY blog post on it (Would you be into that!? Let me know in the comments down below!) but it’s pretty much complete so I’m really excited!!

So in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share with you guys how I’m planning to spend my spookiest night of the year with a little bucket list! If you’re still on the fence and not sure how you want to celebrate – then this list will hopefully give you some fun ideas! Let’s do this 😀

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The Perfect Halloween: A Bucket List


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Bake something as spooky as it is tasty!: I think I’m going with candy apples this year but there’s something about the cold that makes me want to bake and something about all those cutesy things you can do with regular baking to Halloween-ify your cupcakes and cookies that make me want to bake that much more.

Decorate your house/room: It’s a sad truth that my house is basically the only house left on the street that actually gets decorated because my mom loves the holiday so much. I love that Halloween was present in every single house in our town when I was a kid but it makes me sad for the younger generations when I see so many plain houses now!

Marathon all the best horror/Halloween movies: My own movie list is gonna be up real soon but there is literally no better time than Halloween to hunker down with all the junk food that’s humanly possible to get your hands on and have a movie marathon!

When it gets dark, get outside and go for a walk!: Even though at 21 I feel a tiny bit old to go trick or treating, I love the feel in the air on Halloween night so it’s still so much fun to me to just go for a walk and take once it gets dark.

No matter your plans – dress up: Whether you’re staying in with a few friends, hanging with family or going to a party, I think it’s worth it to dress up! I went one year without dressing up around the time I stopped trick or treating and it was totally depressing. Come October 1st, it’s so much fun to decide on a costume and throw something together!

Find a haunted house: This kinda goes with the whole ‘go for a walk’ thing but there are so many awesome people out there who go all out and turn their yard/house into a haunted mansion for your spooking-pleasure. When I find one around the neighborhood – I’m not gonna lie, I make a b-line for it.

Read scary stories in the dark: This might sound strange, but there’s something about chilling in your room with your friends, in the dark and competing to find the scariest story you can. Make it a challenge and see who can find the best one in under 60 seconds, then read them out loud and judge who won :p

Have a bonfire: Once the night begins to get a little later, I think a bonfire is the perfect way to end things. It’s just around the time of year where it’s not unbearably cold to do this kinda thing, but it’s also sweater whether and a good excuse to make smores – because you didn’t already have a bucket of candy in your lap.

Host/Go to a Halloween party: I don’t think parties are totally necessary but I do know I hate spending Halloween alone. My best friend and boyfriend typically come over every Halloween to binge movies, order pizza and see where the night takes us and what were feeling!

Eat.Way.Too.Much.Candy: Honestly – does this one even need an explanation??

. . .

And that’s my Halloween bucket list / what I’m planning to do this year! Do you celebrate Halloween? And if so – what are your plans? Let me know in the comments down below 😀

That’s all for me today, have a good week everyone – the weekend is half way there hehe!

-Mel xx

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9 thoughts on “The Perfect Halloween: A Bucket List

  1. A DIY costume sounds perfect! I’d love to do one myself. I’ve actually never really celebrated Halloween as a kid and that I’m older, there just isn’t enough time. It sounds like a great idea to just hang with friends and help each other make their costumes for the night and then end it with a bonfire. Let us know how your Halloween night goes 🙂

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