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I know – another tag?! Weeellll…I’m feeling in the spirit of Halloween and to be honest, this idea is pretty freaking awesome so I had to do it! Titled the All Hallows Write Tag, the idea is for writers to provide a short description of their novel (whether its a WIP or published – mine’s a WIP,) and then answer these festive and Halloween themed questions according to what your different characters would do.


I love writers who can talk about their characters as if they were real people and think the more you know about your cast the to me this tag is pure genius! :p

I found this tag over at Jenna Moreci’s YouTube channel, a talented writer who’s working on her second novel and hilarious YouTuber who gives blunt but genius advice for aspiring authors. This tag was originally created by Sam Kassé, a fellow writer who is currently in the process of writing her first novel! So be sure to go check both these girls out because this is a strangely addicting tag :p I’m super nervous to share my story with you all, but I hope you enjoy it!

Getting into the tag…here are the rules!

ALL Hallows Write Tag

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#1 – Provide a BRIEF description of your novel before starting.

My WIP novel (which doesn’t have a set name yet) follows the story of an escaped prisoner named Ava Hale, and Linc, the soldier turned allie who was sent to recapture her – 

Ava has been raised in The Safe Zone all her life but with the pressures of a path she feels nothing for quickly becoming her life, she decides to sneak out with friends to an illegal party beyond the walls. However, the party is cut short by a raiding party and Ava is arrested. Taken far from home and suddenly thrown into a terrifying and dangerous prison, Ava witnesses a project of experiments that’s been kept a secret from her people for decades. 

When the prison is attacked by rebel forces trying to take down the soldiers keeping her prisoner, Ava takes the chance to escape and becomes hellbent on revealing the truth and reuniting with her mother.

#2 – Don’t use the same character for more than 3 answers.



It’s Halloween night! What is your protagonist dressed up as?

I think Ava would probably dress up as a soldier – just to mess with her mom. You see, Ava craves adventure and to join the ranks of the soldiers (pre-knowing how horrible and corrupt they are) but seeing how children follow in the footsteps of their parents, Ava is pressured by pretty much everyone to become a surgeon prodigy like her mother. She’s been taking that path pretty much kicking and screaming the entire time and would probably find it fun to dress like a soldier – even if it’s only a cosplay.

Who in your cast refuses to dress up and shows up at the Halloween party without a costume?

That would probably be my character Peter. He is leader of a rebel force thrown together to stop the soldiers and is extremely dedicated to his work soo if his kids (long-lost daughter Ava, and son Hawke,) were to drag him to some random Halloween party, I bet he’d go all begrudgingly just to make them happy but would loathe every minute xP

Which character wears the most outrageous costume, and what would it be?  

Absolutely, hands down, Ryker. He’s a mastermind with tech living in the city and can hack anything if you give him enough time…he’s also a giant flirt, partier and basically the reason Ava gets arrested at all because of an illegal party he threw beyond The Safe Zone. Soo if there’s anyone who will have the most outrageous costume, it’d probably be him. He’d be the guy with very little clothing in a cop or fireman costume or something ridiculous like that.

On Halloween, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are on the prowl. Which of your characters gets caught in their clutches, and which creature do they subsequently turn into?  

Sadly, that’d be Hawke, Ava’s long lost twin brother. In my novel, hey maay have actually gotten attacked by a wolf-life creature because despite being a highly-trained fighter he just had the worst of luck and was caught off guard. So he’d probably be the unfortunate tipsy guy walking home late and alone from the party who suddenly gets attacked by a werewolf foaming at the mouth xD

Who wins the contest for best costume?

Of course, Belle. She’s this gorgeous girl living in The Safe Zone with charm and wit that gets her out of every situation possible. So she’d probably dress up like an angel or kitten or something sweet like that even though she’s the most non-innocent as non-innocent characters get. Belle loves to play coy but she has better street smarts and charisma to survive than most.

Who hands out toothbrushes to the trick and treaters?

Definitely Sav…Sav is Ava’s closest friend. She loves books and learning and isn’t exactly a know-it-all, but she loves sharing what she’s learned with others. Plus, she loves kids, so I could totally see her handing toothbrushes to them with their best interests at heart.

Which two of your characters decide to pair up and do an angel/devil costume together?

Probably Belle and Ryker…these two party animals would have a blast pairing up and doing a cute and kick-ass couples costume.

Someone is too scared to even attend the Halloween party. Who is it?

Absolutely Sav! Always with her nose in a book, she’s both shy and skittish – soo the idea of being at some illegal party beyond The Safe Zone with everyone dressed up as bloodthirsty creatures…definitely would not be the most appealing idea to her. Why party when you can just read right?

Who overdoses on Halloween candy and ends up sick?

I’d guess Hawke – again because something similar might’ve happened in the book xD Hawke, like his father Peter, is bearing a massive burden of training the rebels and taking down the soldiers so when he finally takes a minute to lay back and let lose—he really does go all out.

Which character is most likely to place a curse/hex on someone and who would they curse?

And since the rules allow me to use the same character max 3 times, I’m choosing Hawke for this one. The fact that he’s a major player in a brewing rebellion and the dude dating his twin sister happens to be an ex-soldier is bound to cause some friction and if Hawke had the chance to curse his possible-brother-in-law, he’d totally take it in a heartbeat.

I Tag:

Sooo I’m not sure which of you, my awesome readers, are writers as well…I thought this was such a fun (and strangely helpful) tag to do for my writing therefore if you’re a writer and liked this tag then pleaaase feel free to take a crack at it!! 🙂 I’m tagging each and every one of you!

Weeell, that’s the end of The All Halllows Write Tag, thanks so much for reading and hope you have a good weekend 🙂 PS. What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween? Drop me a comment down below!

-Mel xx


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  1. I loved this tag and your WIP sounds so interesting. I gather it doesn’t take place in our world, or at least not in the now? I am really intrigued and hope you’ll share more as you go on writing. Don’t worry about not having a title yet, that’s not really important. It’s way more important that you know your characters and that seems to go well so far 😀
    I might actually do that tag too if you don’t mind!

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