OOTD ~ A Night At The Theater

Helloo everybody!

This post is coming at you a bit late because I was hoping to do an OOTD since yesterday was a pretty awesome night but by the time I got home, it was super late. Soo despite minor delays, here is an OOTD for you!!

For my dads birthday, my mom and I took him downtown to see his favorite play, Phantom of the Opera. Since my parents don’t typically go downtown and they’ve never been to the venue, Place Des Arts, they asked if I wanted to come along and play tour guide.


It was really nice to have some family time all together and since we had almost the whole afternoon before it was time to catch the show, I was able to take them out for some good food and coffee as well as show them some of my favorite shops and places!

Because the weather forecast was a bit sketchy and since we’d be spending a lot of time walking outside, I went back and forth between a few outfits. I know theater is usually a bit more dressy and I did consider a dress, but, since the weather has been so chilly, I opted for a comfier outfit with a bit of preppy vibe. 


I’ve wanted to try this layered look for a long time and figured this would be a good chance. Being comfortable and layering were my key points to this outfit since the weathers been fluctuating between boiling when the clouds part and then freezing and overcast another moment. The sweater is fluffy and soft while the vintage jean shirt underneath is cut at the elbows, meaning that if it got too unbearably hot, at least I’d be able to take off the sweater and still be wearing a nice outfit underneath!

As for accessories, I brought my black faux/leather mini backpack that I purchased not too long ago. Since I had a few downtown events coming up, I was wanting a smaller and nicer looking bag to carry around with me as an alternative to my Hershel backpack. I like that this bag is a mix between girly and still a backpack. I definitely prefer those over purses…I SWEAR I went into the bag shop looking specifically for a side bag of some sort…but was just so drawn into this one! It has just enough space for my wallet and other random but essential small stuff. 

As for jewelry, I thought about a locket or choker but ultimately I chose to where this silver and ruby colored ring that was a gift from my boyfriend a couple years back!


Grey Jumper: H&M

Jean Shirt: Zara

Leggings: Brandy Melville

Bag: Bentleys

Shoes: H&M


After showing my parents around St.Catherine Street, I took them to Dunns, a famous smoke meat restaurant! They always play great decade music and the restaurant isn’t just styled as an authentic diner – it pretty much is one. The place is covered in the history of Montreal with frames of pictures over the past few decades, famous news headings and even the tables tell a story. I don’t know if you can tell, but our table had a picture of the metro system – others have sports teams, Montreal businesses or even the twister and pacman games which is random but really cool!


I took their famous dish – and one of my favorites! – which is their smoke meat sandwich on rye bread, with coleslaw, a pickle and fries! So good! <33


Then we hopped back on the metro and headed to Place Des Arts. I kind of knew the area since my favorite concert venue, Metropolis, is right next door, but I hadn’t been there in almost 10 years when my school went to see Nutcracker soo it was an adventure xD The place has a very old style I think which was nice. We were on the highest balcony!


This was justt before showtime and probably my favorite picture of the night! 

The play was awesome and the stage was incrediible! We asked ourselves a ton of times ‘how the heck did they just do that!?’ and of course my dad was sniffling beside us every five minutes because this story in particular tends to make him blubber like crazy. All in all, it was a really fun night!

Weell that’s all for me tonight! What have you been up to tonight? Have you ever gone to see a play, Broadway or opera of some sort? Let me know in the comments down below!

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a goodnight 😀

-Mel xx



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