Youtubers I Can’t Get Enough Of!

Hey there everybody!

I’ve been seeing quite a few awesome posts on the blogisphere where people share their favorite Youtubers and I’ve wanted to make my own list forever.

YouTube, like blogging, is such an amazing community and way to create and connect. I have a passion for cameras so while I love the both helpful and hilarious content I watch from these guys and girls, I also really love to admire their AMAZING filming and editing skills!!  I love a YouTuber who is down to earth and doesn’t mind being themselves but also makes content because it’s what they love, not just what’s ‘trendy’.

So, let’s get into this Monday’s post!

YouTubers I Can’t Get Enough Of! 

Kalyn Nicholson 


Fellow Canadian, Kalyn Nicholson, is the human embodiment of Tumblr. Living in Toronto and making videos about her stylish apartment goals, active lifestyle, vegan adventures and how to remain your most positive and organized self, Kalyn is also a strong voice on the struggles of living with mental-illness. Not only do I love her editing + ascetic style, soothing voice and best-friend vibes that she seems to shoot through the screen, but I think she’s one of the most positive voices on YouTube. It isn’t easy for anyone to dig into their past or present struggles – much less share it with the entire internet – but she does and her soothing voice and sound advice is exactly what this world needs! She’s currently participating in YouTober (where she makes a video every day for the entire month of October) and it’s freaking amazing!! She’s like..a good 70% of the reason I always get hyped for fall.



BubzBeauty is probably one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed (Bubscribed?) to! Born in the UK (where she currently lives now,) most of Bubz’s early videos were filmed in Hong Kong. Ever since I saw her Yuna cosplay way back when, I was totally addicted to her hair braiding tutorials and fun/down-to-earth vlogs. Now that she’s married to the hilarious and sweet Tim, mother of dogs Chubbi and Domo and two cute-as-buttons kids Isaac and Ayla, understandably, her beauty channel has been much less active – but her vlog channel is delivering smiles and laughs every week! This is how much I love this girl. When she released her intimate and gorgeous wedding video, it literally brought me to tears. However, I LIVE for her weekly family vlogs and getting my daily dose of happiness!



Another Canadian making me proud! LaurDIY is best known as the DIY princess of YouTube and just took home the Streamy for lifestyle! She’s a bubbly and upbeat girl who makes the world a better place by spreading glitter, puppy pics and saving all our butts when we realize it’s Christmas or a Valentines Day or a friends birthday and we’ve totally forgotten to get someone important a gift! Despite her love of all things customized and sparkly, probably my favorite video of hers is one she did a few years back for people living with anxiety. It was a bunch of DIY’s catered towards those of her viewers who shared her own personal struggles with anxiety and it made me adore her not only as simply a creator but a person who I felt I just connected with then. Though Lauren is originally from Toronto (<3), she now lives in a sweet, DIY-afied apartment in LA, where she can be closer to her YouTube boyfriend Alex Wassabi!

Alex Wassabi 


This comedic YouTuber who is always looking for the next crazy thing to try – be it an impossible challenge, slime-filled or something even grosser – Alex is also constantly putting up daily vlogs. He’s one of the sweetest, most humble and hard-working YouTubers I’ve watched. Speaking his motto ‘If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong’ at the end of every vlog always puts a smile on my face. His knack for making people smile and reminding them to be happy is ever present in his videos which is why they’re so much fun to watch…Plus he and Lauren are pretty much the most adorable pair I have ever seen!!

Lindsay Cummings


I only recently started watching Lindsay’s videos but she is a horse mom and full-time author who makes super helpful videos about all aspects of writing whether it’s about writing itself or the publishing industry. She’s a published author of some really great novels, most popularly ‘The Murder Complex’, which she published at the age of 19!! Now in her mid-twenties and juggling between her writing and YouTubing, I find her videos so inviting and inspiring! Her friendliness on camera and motivational tweets are all I need some days to stop the procrastinating.



This girl literally changed my life 5 years ago. Cassey Ho is the creator of Pop Pilates – a blend of fast-paced pilates and good pop music – and many amazing fashion-forward fitness clothes! I was always active in school but had no upper body strength to show for it and one day in gym class, I just got overwhelmingly frustrated. I wanted more muscle and more strength to not just be able to run fast on the track team or on the soccer field, but actually lift some weights or do a decent amount of pushups. So when I discovered Blogilates through Bubzbeauty who had talked endlessly about how amazing her videos were, I couldn’t help but be curious. And thank god I did look into it!

Jenna Moreci


Another writer, Jenna is the author of Eve: The Awakening. She posts videos weekly and writers on her blog, aiming at first to record her first-ever publishing process with other fellow aspiring authors. Now that Eve is officially out in the world, she can give even more kick-ass and sarcastic advice that will make us laugh-out-loud and realize that we aren’t the only authors pulling out our hair. The first video I ever saw of hers was where she described 9 weird habits of writers…it was totally accurate and brought me to tears!!



Alisha is a pretty big YouTuber, living in LA with her sister (Ashley Nicole) who also YouTubes. Both girls make lifestyle and fashion videos as well as vlogs. I’m a huge fan of their series Roommate Wars, where during each holiday, they pretend to prank each other and it turns into hilarious competitions to sit back and laugh at! Alisha is this relatable, bubbly 20-something girl and I literally look for her daily vlogs everyday. Plus, her editing is so awesome! The most recent video she produced, which was a Roommate Wars video, was so well done. Without giving away the surprise and horror-filled ending, it was so beyond just a random prank video. Her filming skills are on point and she’s one of the most creative minds in the community!

Other favorites:

Tess Christine

Sasha Alsberg

Emma Books



And that’s all my favorite YouTubers 🙂 Ahh I could not describe how much I love this community!! What are your favorite YouTubers? Do we share any? Let me know in the comments down below! Goodnight all,

-Mel xx

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