Lessons I’ve Learnt in Writing

Hey all!

I was writing last night and got thinking about the best advice I’d ever received or lessons I’ve learnt through trial and error as a writer. Anyway it inspired me to make a blog post about it!

Lessons I’ve Learnt in Writing

It’s okay to feel uninspired – but that’s no reason not to write

Carving out time is half the effort of being a writer

The better planned out a character is, the more they surprise you

Having chapter/plot outlines makes for less room to rant and get off topic

Don’t go straight to background story – readers need action to get hooked

You don’t need to describe your character in painful detail, down to every freckle 

It’s always good to keep at least some of your writing in a non-techy device – trust me

. . .

And that’s all I’ve got for today! Would you like to be an author someday? What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received? Drop it in the comments below and help a fellow writer out :p Have a good weekend!

-Mel xx


13 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learnt in Writing

  1. I really like those points! I can definitely agree on the majority of them, because I always have a notebook to write in (seen as I don’t have my laptop with me at all times) and finding the time or simply MAKING the time is key. Such a succinct but great post!

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      1. Oh boy, it sucks so much when that happens. I am very happy with my current laptop. It hasn’t unintentionally deleted anything so far and that’s a big relief. But I never take notes on my phone. Don’t know why, it just doesn’t even occur to me.

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      2. I triied the notebook thing and thought it more convenient to keep plot and dialogue stuff on my phone..then when Apple took my phone into repair, i lost it all! It was horrible xD


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