July / A 200 Word Story


“He could never tell her how he felt for her. He favored teetering along the thin line between love and hate, sometimes tender while others vengeful for the words he couldn’t say and the man that was taking his place. He wanted to destroy, take and replace, promising it would be something worth celebrating once the smoke cleared. But his plans crescendo ended in a deafening silence. Time passed, wedging itself between them. He could never apologize to her, instead laying with others whom he thought would soothe his burns and tried to leave it at that.

She had gone over their reunion too many times in her head, consuming her thoughts and haunting her dreams. Then her phone chimed, sparking to life a heady bond that had since felt void of oxygen. “Yo, what’s up?” – A plea to forgive and forget or an invite to all but ignore the past? After all these months that had passed, the only option at the end of this dynamite’s rope was a lethal explosion, their thin line snapping under tension. Ghosts of memories past illuminated her face, red with mournful tears as she deleted them and smiled up at her better half.”

. . .

I wrote this 200 word story, ‘July’ as a follow up or companion of sorts to an older post, my 100 word story titled ‘June.’ I like challenging myself by putting these constraints on my writing because sometimes, a message is so much clearer in a few words than spread out. I felt like the ending of June ended on a hopeful note but I was curious and wanted to write a similar story (about love and what happens when time has aged it) with a far different but still realistic ending. Also changed up the POV from ‘I’ to ‘he’/’She’ this time! 🙂 I feel like this is still a work in progress but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway — any comments and suggestions or links to your own work is appreciated!! 


Goodnight everyone and as always, thanks for reading ❤


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