6 Lovable Book Sidekicks That Everyone Needs!

Hey there everyone!

Today I’m writing up a post that I’m really loving and it’s all about bookish sidekicks. You know that character that’s the best friend or the sibling that’s always giving the best one liners or that always has our beloved protags back? Sometimes, the sidekicks are so well written, we can’t help but love them as much (iff not more than??) our leading ladies and boys!

Reading about some of these following characters has definitely shaped my writing because it made me realize how important it is to not only develop just your main characters, but even the smaller parts. Besides…if it hadn’t been for these characters, I for sure wouldn’t have laughed nearly as much with their quick quips, on-point advice and other lovable qualities. 

So let’s get into some of my all-time favorite book sidekicks!

. . . 


(Under The Never Sky Series)

Roar is hands down my favorite sidekick I’ve ever read about. Roar is Perry’s (the male lead) best friend since childhood and he’s been completely in love with Perry’s sister, Liv, since forever. When he was introduced to Aria in Under The Never Sky, I loved him as much as she did – he’s literally the perfect best guy friend a girl could ask for; funny, kind, wise and despite being slightly reckless (in my opinion) at one point in the books, it’s all to rescue the girl he loves from a forced and loveless marriage. And Aria goes with him!! Can a male/female relationship that’s not meant to be romantic get any better?? I think noot. 

Ron Weasley

(Harry Potter Series)

I mean…Ron is basically a given right? JK does such an amazing job of writing a realistic and strong bond of brotherhood between the students of magic that we’ve all come to love. I love Ron’s clumsiness and affliction of bad luck (maybe because I’m just as clumsy) and despite bumps in the road that I think every good friendship goes through, Ron and Harry are always there for each other.

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

(Outlander Series)

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser is like…a cute cactus. Hes prickly on the outside and gets snippy with Claire on more than occasion but he’s also one of the most loyal characters I’ve ever read. As Jaime’s uncle, he’s had as much a hand in raising our favorite Scottish warrior as his own parents did and their bond is filled with love, respect and trust. As Claire comes to find out come the end of book 1, Murtagh always comes through for those he loves annd once you get to know the guy, he’s actually really not all hat bad!

Vee Sky


(Hush, Hush Series)

Vee Sky is the hilarious best friend who thinks she’s the wealthiest fountain of relationship advice around and chooses to bestow all of her wisdom on our heroine – and her best friend – Nora. Vee is like the best girlfriend we all go to when prospecting a new guy. Maybe her advice is ridiculous sometimes or totally one-track-minded but Vee is a confident, outgoing young woman and she owns that!

Pam Ravenscroft

(Sookie Stackhouse Novels)

Another awesome female sidekick, Pam is the stylish, bad-ass blonde vampire and right-hand lady to  bad-boy vampire Eric. In the show True Blood, Pam is as cold and hilariously sarcastic towards Breathers as she is loyal and protective of her maker Eric. However, she really does grow and learn to warm up to other characters like Sookie.

Nicholas Sorrentino

(Women of The Otherworld Series)

Nick is Clay’s best friend and is like Elena’s beloved little brother. When his two best friends reunite after a tragedy occurred between them and seemingly ruined any love between them forever, his love for the the two of them is a major part in what brings them back to each other. Underneath his funny lines, slickness and nonchalant attitude, Nick cares a lot about those he loves and like a true part of their wolf pack, he’ll protect each and every member with his life.

. . .

And those are myy favorite sidekicks!! Who are your favorites either from books or movies/tv shows? I want to know because sidekicks are seriously the best! So let me know in the comments down below 🙂  

See ya next time!

-Mel xx

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