Some of My Favorite Bookish Quotes (pt. 2)

Hey everyone!

I had so much fun sharing my favorite quotes with you a few posts back (which you can read heere,) that I wanted to make a part 2 for you 🙂 

So without wasting any time, lets get into it! Here are some more of my favorite bookish quotes for you!

. . .

‘White Hot Kiss’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout


“ ‘Don’t be scared of Bambi'” the demon said. “She’s only curious and maybe a little bit hungry.”

The thing was named Bambi?

Oh, my God, the thing stared at me like it wanted to eat me.” 


“Your life isn’t about all you can’t do. It’s about what you can do.” 

‘The Book of Luke’ by Jenny O’Connel


“I guess relationships are just funny like that. It’s impossible to figure out why some work out and others don’t. Why someone can be so imperfect and still be the perfect person for you. Maybe, in the end, it’s not about changing the person you care about. Maybe it’s about learning what you can live with. Or maybe it’s really about learning what you can’t live without.” 

‘Sometimes it Lasts’ by Abbi Glines


“But dreams change. Fate has a way showing you paths you want more.”

‘Bitten’ by Kelly Armstrong 


“Are you the welcoming committee? Or has Jeremy finally chained you up to the front gate where you belong?”
“I missed you too.” 


“What’s this?” Nick said. “Bedtime?”
No one answered him. I kept my eyes closed. 
“You look positively content, Clayton,” Nick continued, thumping down on the floor. “That wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Elena is cuddled up with you, is it?”
“It’s cold in here,” I murmured.
“Doesn’t feel cold.”
“It’s cold,” Clay growled.
“I could start a fire.”
“I could start one too,” Clay said. “With your clothes. Before you get them off.” 

‘Into The Still Blue’ by Veronica Rossi


“We all have the potential to do terrible things. But we also have the potential to overcome our mistakes.”


 “Roar’s mouth pulled into a smile – a beautiful smile she hadn’t seen in weeks.

“Beautiful, huh?”
She drew her hand away, giving him a small push on the shoulder. “Don’t act surprised.”
“I’m not. Always nice to be reminded, though.” 

. . .

And there’s another quote filled post! 

What have you guys been reading lately? Got any favorite quotes want to share with me? Let me know in the comments down below! 🙂 Until next time,

-Mel xx

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