Mini Fall Haul!

Hey everybody!

How goes it?

I’ve been collecting some clothes over the past couple weeks seeing how the weather has gotten chillier by the day and some pieces I’m really excited about so I wanted to do a mini fall haul for you guys! I love how cozy and comfy fall wear is while it also giving you the chance to change up styles. Some days I love a good knit sweater, skirt and scarf while other days I’m all about a soft hoodie, leggings and my nikes.

Soo with that said, let’s get into the haul!

. . .

Mini Fall Haul


‘Your Highness Legging – Night’ (

I got these really comfy leggings at and they were designed by pop pilates creator Cassey Ho. I love the fact that these are high-waisted and how the placement of the nylon sections show off just enough muscle/skin to feel proud and confident. Unlike a lott of activewear leggings I’ve tried on, they’re not see through which was amazing to me. I love the quality of Blogilate’s clothes and I’ve never been disappointed by her line once! Seriously, I cannot take these off!

Rapture/Columbia Reversible Bomber Jacket (

I found this really awesome site by accident while scrolling through Twitter one day. They make game-themed apparel that is mostly all limited addition so the pieces remain original. I found this Bioshock themed jacket and Bioshock 2 happens to be one of my all-time favorite games so I was freaking out when I saw this. Not only was it reversible, sporting both the cities of Rapture and Columbia from the 3 games, but it was also a bomber jacket – which is my favorite style to wear.

Knitted Grey Sweater (H&M)

I was walking around in H&M a couple weeks ago when I stumbled upon this sweater on the racks. I wasn’t worried at first that it might be a bit big but I instantly fell in love with how comfy and soft it was which is pretty much all you can dream for in fall right? The color goes with pretty much anything and I can either dress it down or up easily. Definitely going to make for a useful peace!


Dark Grey Cardigan (Urban Outfitters)

This last piece I got is from Urban Outfitters. I was specifically looking for some sort of jumper but started getting discouraged when I found literally nothing I was looking for. Luckily, just as I was about to leave, I found these dark grey cardigans on the rack. At first I was unsure buut after trying it on and getting that ohmygod-they-feel-like-pjs feeling I couldn’t resist! :p

. . . 

That’s my mini fall hall! I know, it’s kiinda short but I feel like that’s how I like to roll when I shop for the fall. Summer’s here are unpredictable – one day we can be scorching, freezing or degree in between that and you want to have something for any kind of day. But fall on the other hand is just plain cold. So I tend to buy just a few comfy pieces that I can mix and match!

What are your favorite fall pieces or trends? Are you excited or the fall? Let me know in the comments down below!! 😀 Until next time,

-Mel xx




13 thoughts on “Mini Fall Haul!

  1. Honey, if I had your figure I would wear all those pieces! I wish I was able to fit into those cute clothes. The only piece that I love is my Torrid jacket that is Nightmare Before Christmas but it’s not obvious – it has a lace up back and a hood, and it’s black with purple accents. If I wore a bomber jacket, it would look too masculine on me with my broad shoulders.
    Love the items…especially the jacket!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Melissa!

    Nice haul! I am a big fan of blogilates’ videos, though I’ve never bought her clothing before. Those leggings do look amazing 🙂

    That’s very cool that you blog about books as well as clothing. I might add some variety to my blog posts as well 🙂


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