My Writing Process!

Hey everyone!

So right now, I’m actually working on a quick draft for my sci-fi novel andd it got me thinking about the writing process and how it varies per writer. I’ve always loved hearing what other writers have to say about it so I thought it’d be fun to share mine!

Hope you enjoy reading this post and find some brand new inspiration 🙂

. . .


Mood Boards: I have so much fun making mood boards! When you’re feeling a bit dry on inspiration, it’s a really great way to bring yourself back into the mindset of your story. Whether it’s clothes, actors or environments, anything goes! My moodboard for my Sci-Fi/Survival manuscript includes a relevant quote, outfits, scavenged weapons

Character Profiles: The first thing I do after I’ve got a feel for my story and it’s overall tone, I work on my characters. Writing a character profile is a place where I can add some pictures if I envision an actor in my head, and where I write out where each character starts, their arch and their end. I’ve even added an extra page for each character that I borrowed from writer (and hilarious YouTuber!) Jenna Moreci, who said that filling out a ‘basic facts’ sheet is an easy one-stop shop where you can find any tiny detail you may have forgotten.


Chapter Outlines: The final writing prep I do is make a chapters outline. This changes a ton over time and that’s fine. The most important thing is to have a beginning, middle and end in mind at least. But, the more focused I make my chapters, the better. Just a couple sentences per chapter to outline the major events works well for me!

Writing Habits


Block All Social Media / Choose The Right Music / Quick Draft / Coffee – – & lots of it


Read Out loud: If you want to do a thorough editing of your work, reading it out loud is a really good way to do so! Reading in your head is one thing but reading out loud allows you to see how well-written or how awkward a sentence rolls off your tongue. Sometimes in your head, it’ll sound a lot less awkward than you first suspected. Sometimes, I’ve quickly read it aloud while recording on my phone just to make sure it not only makes sense, but that the dialogue of my character is giving off the right tone.

Beta Readers: Beta readers are the best way to see how your writing fares in a smaller, controlled group of potential readers. Putting together a beta group is as easy as asking friends or putting out an ad on your facebook page. While you probably want to get as un-biased as possible, friends are a much less scary option if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your writing with an unknown group of people yet. Anyway, putting together a beta reader group is completely customizable. You can just interview each reader individually about their reading experience or print out forms so they can answer specific answers when they’re done. It’s the best way to gauge what readers think so far and what could be improved!

Find A Proper Editor: Yes it’s expensive and yes, it’s also vital. If you’ve got this beautiful written story in front of you and you’re feeling ready enough to finally send it out to possible publishers, don’t solely rely on your own editing skills to polish your work. Often, we miss tiny mistakes because we’ve looked at the same piece a billion times and our eyes start glazing over meaning we miss important grammar and spelling errors. So save yourself the trouble, put some cash together and know that when you’ve got a professional editor looking through your work, you’ve spent your money well!

. . .

That’s all of my advice – did anything on this list help you out? Got any pieces of writing advice you’d like to share? Help a girl out and let us all know in the comments down below! Thanks for reading, see you Friday! ❤

-Mel xx

9 thoughts on “My Writing Process!

  1. One thing that helps me is to have a good long break from the book before editing or even before the last edit. it gives me perspective and the distance helps me see what can go and what needs changing and what sings.

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  2. Hi Melissa!

    I enjoyed reading about your writing process! That’s awesome that you do mood boards. Seems like a good way to capture the essence of a character. It’s something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while 🙂

    I also love creating character profiles and I do write chapter outlines from time to time (but for my current draft, I’ve been kind of plantsing it haha)

    I love this idea of writing about the writing process! Do you mind if I do a post about my own writing process on my blog? 🙂


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