My Favorite Book Covers!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been seeing quite a few awesome bloggers post about their favorite book bloggers and I was inspired to make my own list. I’m totally the kind of person who will end up purchasing a book just because it has a pretty book cover…But I’m also super happy when the cover is artistic and has heavy significance to the story rather than something generic.

BUT before we get to the gorgeous book covers…I have a quick announcement!!

I am officially on Twitter 🙂 It’s something I’ve been meaning to get to for sometime but I’ve finally gone and done it. So if you want, go ahead of follow me here!

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Of Neptune – Anna Banks


I’m not going to lie…besides my obsession with mermaids, the only reason I bought this entire series in a heartbeat was because of the covers. I love the idea of writing ‘species’ that people ca’t factually say ‘this is what this looks like’ and mermaids are no exception. Not only is the cover gorgeous and romantic, but I loved Anna Bank’s take on what mermaids might look like.

The Summoning – Kelly Armstrong


I love anything by Kelly Armstrong but I thiink this is one of my favorite covers by her. The necklace, which the protagonist wears in the book to help develop her powers, changes placement in every book. I think it might symbolize how in each book, she embraces her necromancy abilities.

Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr


Ok so not only is Melissa Marr an amazing writer…but lets be honest, every one of her books is as aesthetically pleasing (if not more) than the next! I love all of her book covers for their enchanting quality, as magical as the Fay that she writes about.

The Dark & Hollow Places – Carrie Ryan


I’ve actually never seen the cover on the right until I was looking for the first one…but I’m happy I got to post both! I always liked Carrie Ryan’s covers for their dark, mysterious quality. The girls on the cover really resemble the characters in the book which I know is not always easy to do but they pulled it off

Undivided – Neil Shusterman


All the covers in Neil Shusterman’s ‘Unwind’ have an unsettling quality to them but I love how the series conclusion has that same quality plus symbolism to the books ending – both literally speaking (one of the last scenes take place at the statue of liberty and the whole idea of people uniting despite a horrible operation that’s been occurring over the length of the books. It’s both grotesque and a clever nod to the final events of the story.

Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver


Visually, I think this cover is just gorgeous! It kinda mirrors the last page of Sam’s story and I love it for that reason. On the cover, I like to think Sam is reflecting somewhere sunny and beautiful – reflecting on her life like she does for a major chunk of the book.

Hush, Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick 


I remember watching a video about how Becca Fitzpatrick’s artist designed the cover for Crescendo and I thought it was gorgeous! All the covers and titles in the Hush, Hush series have this consistently dark and stormy quality to them which fits the series for more than one reason! This book, and the male lead Patch, got me obsessed with fallen angels.

Dearly Beloved – Lia Habel


Everything about this series is lavishly Victorian and ghoulishly creepy which makes for such a perfectly odd blend. I think the covers are gorgeous in design!

Tempted – PC Cast & Kristen Cast


When your book cover has your two favorite OTP on it…is there really that much else to say? Probably not :p Besides that, I just really like the colors, intricate patterns that appear on every cover in the series and Zoe’s tattoos!

. . .

Those are all my favorite books covers – but what are yours? Let me know in the comments below because there are so many gorgeous ones out there 😛

Well, that’s it for me, see you on the blogisphere and in my next post coming at you Wednesday – have a good week!!

-Mel xx

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