Soundtrack Saturdays (#12)

Hey guys!

How goes it? This week, I wanted to post a new  Soundtrack Saturday that I’m pretty excited for. 

I’ve been listening to a bunch of indie, alternative and acoustic performances lately and it’s made me stumble upon both some old favorites who have been blowing up lately, as well as new comers who definitely have a bright singing career ahead of them. So with that inspiration in mind, I wanted to make a playlist filled with some of my favorite artists right now, ones that I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on!

. . .

7 Amazing Artists To Watch Out For

Magnetized – Tom Odell


Carving Out My Heart – Jessarae


Push Blue – Jack Watts


Blackout – Freya Ridings


Fall in Love – Barcelona


Vanity – Highly Suspect


Miffed – Tom Rosenthall


. . .

That’s all I’ve got for today but seriously, go check these guys out! Promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Who are your favorite artists at the moment? Which artist would you like to see get more attention? Write ’em down in the comments below! Goodnight everyone,

-Mel xx

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