10 Things Authors Do That I Love

Hey everyone!

How goes it? So I got the idea for this post over the weekend because I’ve been obsessively listening to these songs author Abbi Glines released on Itunes in recent years. She wrote these ‘theme songs’ for some of her certain books/characters and then hired local musicians to play and record the music!

I don’t know about you but I was already a fan of authors who create playlists for their books so this was like a major step up from that! Seriously, if I ever have the opportunity to publish my own manuscript…I’m totally stealing this brilliant idea and getting my boyfriend (because he has this amazing singing voice) and some of his musically-genius friends to help me out xD

Anyway rant over, here are—

. . .

 10 Things Authors Do That I Love!


Don’t you love it when you get to see your favorite author get the spotlight for a few moments to talk about their book? I use to watch Harperteen religiously because the questions they came up with were really insightful and they always featured the top authors.

Book Tours

Book signing 002.jpg

What’s better than watching an interview on Youtube? Seeing them in person obviously!! I was literally dying inside when I got to see Melissa Marr and Kelly Armstrong at my local bookstore as they gave a short talk about their writing process and interacted with the fans.

Q&A’s at the back of the book

I actually get pretty giddy when I find out that there’s a Q&A at the back of my book because I love to pick writers brains and really find out why they wrote what they wrote. So if there’s a couple pages at the back about the inception of my new favorite heroine, I’m super down!



I love music (in case you haven’t noticed xD) and so it’s awesome when I see an author put in the extra effort to make a playlist that goes with their book. Thanks to the playlists Becca Fitzpatrick made for her series (which is seriously awesome by the way!) I found one of my favorite bands in high school – Placebo! Not to mention they seriously influenced me as an artist.



Totally unnecessary but seriously cool, it’s really fun to look up an authors store. From PC and Kristen Cast who hide posters in their hardcovers to Abbi Glines who sells candles and boxers, I think merch can lead to so many fun opportunities :p

Theme Songs


Kinda going with playlists, but like I said earlier, an author who goes the extra mile in order to further bring their world to life. Whether it’s a made up song in the book (like Hanging Tree in The Hunger Games) or a CD recorded solely for the purpose of the reader to follow along with their book (like in Female of the Species). Listen here to my personal favorite by Abbi Glines, ‘Heartbreaker’ which she wrote for her characters Eva and Cage in Sometimes it Lasts.

Dream Cast

Random, but it’s kinda cool when an author divulges who she/he *wishes* would play their characters on the big screen. For instance, Becca Fiztpatrick said forever that she had a dream cast in mind but that they were too old to play high schoolers by the time she had her series published *sigh*.


Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Whether it’s a signed book or some other sort of merch, I think that giveaways are a nice way for writers to say ‘thanks <3’ to their readers. Plus, holding some sort of contest is a pretty cool way for the community to come together!


Of course blogging is gunna be on this list! 😛 I know that writers are crazy busy and spend all day writing anyway, but when they write blogs in their free time it kind of brings fans closer to them in my opinion! LJ Smith (author of the Vampire Diaries) kept a blog for the longest time and whether it was updates about her newest release or some random tidbit about her everyday life, I really loved checking in on her website every now and then because of it.



Probably one of the my favorite things that sometimes go hand in hand with a book…book trailers! Yes they can be hella cheesy but I just love seeing any sort of movie made about my favorite book. Whether it’s fan made or something done by Simon & Shuster or Harper Teen, book trailers always made me so excited and full of hype! Here are two of my favorites :p

Under The Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

The Gathering – Kelly Armstrong

. . .

Weeelll, that’s all I’ve got for today!

What are your favorite things that authors do? Agree with anything on this list? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂 Thanks for reading,

Mel xx


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