Soundtrack Saturday (#11)

Hey all!

Woo we’re officially past our tenth Soundtrack Saturday!! 🙂 Thanks so much for all the comments and music recommendations you guys give every week – one of the things I love talking about the most is music, especially on this blog so thank you for sharing!

Today is my towns yearly ‘Fireman’s Day’ where we celebrate all the people who save lives from the RCMP to First Responders and all the firemen. In the morning there’s this giant parade through town where all the families gather and kids get to see all the trucks up close. It’s pretty freaking adorable honestly! Then we eat –a lot– watch the fireworks and head back for a chill campfire in my backyard. I’ll try and get some photos in for Mondays post!

Though I grew out of the rides and games years ago (Which, yes, I’m still mourning that hehe) it’s still a fun time to enjoy with friends. So, in light of the celebrations, here’s my playlist for tonight’s campfire 🙂 

. . .

Music by the Campfire

Old School – Hedley


Rainy Zurich – The Fray


Young – The Chainsmokers


Lose It – Oh Wonder


Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? – Arctic Monkeys


Playing With Fire – BlackPink


Slacks – St. South


Warm On A Cold Night – HONNE

download (2)

Starlight – Taeyeon


Spring Day – BTS


Wherever This Goes – The Fray


Good To You – Marianas Trench


For The Nights I Can’t Remember – Hedley


Nine In The Afternoon – Panic At The Disco


R U Mine – Arctic Monkeys


Say It Ain’t So – Wheezer

download (1)

. . .

As you can see…we brake out the early 2000’s a lot, all our favorites from high school xD I also really like indiefolk and electronica when it comes to campfires!

What do you guys like to listen to around the campfire? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks again and have a great weekend ❤ Until next time,

-Mel xx


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