Riverdale Season 1 Review

Hey everyone!

How goes it? Are you all having a good week? Seeing the title of this post, you might see that this is not typically the kind of review I usually find myself writing. But, sometimes when you love something enough, it’s worth the change right?


Okay, okay, I know the season finale of Riverdale concluded in May, but I just finished the addicting Netflix original tonight! So, without further ado, let’s get into my mini review! 

First Impressions 

I had seriously conflicting thoughts when I first heard about this show, half being peaked curiosity and half being doubts. I remember my best friend Kim and I loved watching Cole Sprouse with his twin Dylan back in their Disney days so when I heard Cole would have a lead role here, that was definitely a reason I wanted to start watching the show.

While I didn’t know too much about the rest of the cast before watching, I did think that each character looked striking and unique in the photos, giving off vibes that felt both modern and paid a nice tribute to their cartoon/comic counterparts. I use to watch the cartoon when I was a kid and I really enjoyed being able to pick out characters as they came onto the scene, and watching them come to life on screen.



Riverdale is based off the legendary Archie comics that made young and old fall in love with a mismatched group of friends who solved mysteries.

In Riverdale, a town that seems utterly sweet and perfect in every way, deep dark secrets begin to arise when the murder of quarterback Jason Blossom sends the small town into shock and speculation.

I could sit here and complain how the cheesyness of it all sometimes got on my nerves (IE names with matching letters like Archie Andrews or Jughead Jones) or how the overall ‘too-sweet’ vibe of the town (Sweetwater River?) left me feeling like I was going to get cavaties just by watching. But, I knew that just added to the mystery of a town that seems perfect on the surface and further fed into the 60’s feel of the original publications. Clearly, they aren’t going to go and change the names of such vital characters to the story because it just wouldn’t be the same – so I learned to get over it…and actually started to think of it as sorta cute :p

In fact, the ‘cheesyness’ even kinda started growing on me. I’m a huge fan of movies that mark decades like Grease or Lost Boys so seeing something that so perfectly blended the astetics of the 60’s and problems of today was really cool!!


Jughead Jones


Like I said, I was a big fan of Cole Sprouse before watching this so I already knew I’d be bias towards him…but it became more than that. There is something about writer characters that always win me over – maybe because I connect to them more I suppose. I loved the balance of a more serious and somber Jughead, mixed with the jokester I knew from the cartoon. The tiny references to his cartoon character were also awesome, like the crown-beanie and the trademark S shirts. His haunting narrations were some of my favourite moments in the show and can we just talk about how perfect he and Betty are?

Too late for youu Archie, you lost out on a good thing!

Archie Andrews


Everyone knows who Archie is when you set eyes on that flaming orange hair! True in appearance (and maaybe personality?) to his comic/cartoon counterpart, I wasn’t surprised that Archie was falling – and lusting – for every other girl. But sometimes it diid kinda annoy me and make me feel like he was too sleasy to accept as a hero. But, hey it’s Archie Andrews and his whole starving/struggling artist thing was endearing to watch play out. My boyfriend raised the point that, in the comics, Archie totally was a ‘free bird’ in true 60’s fashion and enjoyed switching between Betty and Veronica which in turn made the girls hate each other. Personally, I’m happy the show didn’t go down that road and chose to be positive with girl power.

Betty Cooper


Instinctive, girly and beautifully blonde, Betty is the definition of suburbia. But she’s also got a good head on her shoulders and fights for those she loves or thinks deserves better justice. While I sometimes got annoyed with how quickly Betty trusted her conniving parents once more after unearthing yet another secret, I loved her arc this season and enjoyed watching her grow as the shy perfect girl into the voice of reason when the town became lost.

Veronica Lodge 


Strong-willed and charming, Veronica is probably the farthest personality from my own. And yet I completely loved her characters stubborness, attitude and smarts. Veronica, a rich mean girl seeking redemption, makes up for her past multiple times by helping girls like Ethel and Cheryl when they needed someone. While her rich and preppy closet is far from my own style, I think I found myself getting excited every episode to see what she would wear next and loved every outfit! Veronica might seem vain on the surface (and maybe she sorta is in some sense) but I found her struggle between wanting to trust her father or condemn him really interesting. 

Cheryl Blossom


While Cheryl sometimes served as the mean girl, I found her story very human and real and some of her one liners pretty funny. Plus her clothes were always so extravagant and gorgeous! I don’t want to give too much away but I thought that despite being mean a lot of the time, I love how she loved her family no matter what, especially her late-twin, Jason. The entire final episode was definitely my favorite of her, where all of the feelings that Cheryl must have been bottling up thanks to her family exploded. I’m really hoping Cheryl gets more of a story in the second season that allows her to grow from the first seasons events and distance herself from her family…and maybe finds herself a caring other half!


Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil

The town of Riverdale is a stunningly sweet small town. Featuring the sketchy southside and stereotypical suburbia, Riverdale really feels like that small town you might have grown up in, where everyone knows everyone and the ‘cool place’ to hang out remains the same for decades. I loved the scenes in the diner and Jugheads struggle to keep the Drive-In Movie Theatre alive, which made me think of the town I grew up in a lot. 

Overall Opinion 


While I had some reservations when I first began the show, it took me matter of days to binge it (probably would have been sooner if weekends were longer than 2 days hehe). The mystery was seriously well written, captivating and it’s conclusion (which still left some questions unanswered for next season,) shocking. It’s a really addicting show that is easy to watch and get into. The end of an episode always manages to suck you into ‘just one more’ until you realize sadly that you’ve made it to the end.

I really look forward to season 2 which is airing in October and until then…maybe I’m super tempted to go out and read some of the original comics :p

Well, there you have it, my review of Riverdale Season 1! Have you watched this Netflix original? What did you think? Or is it on your list of shows you have to binge? If so, I highlyy recommend this one – especially if you don’t feel like committing to binging to a show that’s 20 episodes a season and has 8 seasons in total. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a good night all! Goodnight ❤

-Mel xx

15 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 1 Review

  1. I watched the first two episodes but I wasn’t completely hooked. I might give it another chance though because I’ve heard many positive things about it. Maybe it’s just one of those I have to get into.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love cole too!! One of the reasons why I watch the show. A lot of my friends said the story was boring but glad it’s not just me who really liked it! I’m excited for season 2, what about you?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I loved the script, aesthetic and actors of the show. My only complaint was the ending which was not as shocking as I hoped it would be. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I watched all the episodes in two days on Netflix while my mom was at work and my brother was at school. Knowing I would want to follow the second season when it aired I made them watch it with me. So I’ve seen the first season twice. Episode one of season two aired tonight and we were all excited about it. Did you watch it?


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