Struggles of a Shopaholic

Helloo everyone,

I’ve been a bit MIA this weekend and didn’t upload Monday simply because things have been a bit whirlwind-y here! At the end of last week, I left my job at Dagwoods, visited Toronto for a weekend (which was full of family, good food and way too much shopping!) and then started my new job at the indie Montreal game studio Alice & Smith. Being a narrative writer has been my goal for so long, it’s so surreal that I’m actually doing it now. Honestly, it’s been a huge change in my life but I don’t think it’s fully hitting me yet!

Thanks for being patient with the lack of posts while I settle into my new work schedule! I hope your weeks have been good so far?

Something funny happened while I was in Toronto. I was completely freaking about the fact that I was now working in an office and didn’t actually own any real office clothes. So, I ended up driving myself insane and worrying that I needed a new wardrobe because office-wear is so not me…So I did just that and was quite proud of myself come Sunday night – only to find out that we’re actually quite casual here. Feeling a bit bittersweet right now xD

I had so much fun writing my Bookworm Struggles post a few weeks back and this weekend, this little dilemma got me thinking about all the shopping struggles shopaholic girls (and guys!) put themselves through. 

Struggles of a Shopaholic


  • When what fits on the manikin doesn’t fit you. Like at all.

  • Me: ‘I’m broke’ Also me: ‘Let’s go shopping this weekend!’

  • Getting on the hype train for all the latest trends

  • Whilst trying not to buy the exact same shirt as the next girl

  • Black Friday and Boxing Day. Enough said.

  • When a store advertises a sale but it’s not much of a sale at all

  • The garment that got away :,(

  • When you walk into a mall to go Christmas shopping…and walk out with a new wardrobe

  • When one stores sizes don’t make sense whatsoever

  • Or the tag simply reads ‘one size all’

  • When you fall in love with something and immediately shove it back on the rack upon seeing the price.

  • So instead, next time you just don’t check the price at all until you’re at the cash so that there’s no going back.

  • When you make impulse buys.

  • When you love a look so much but the look just doesn’t love you (IE. Baseball caps and Lennon glasses = the fastest way to turn me into a four year old.)

  • When you’re shopping for a friend but end up buying two…and not because you want to twin

  • When your entire wardrobe consists of black and white

  • And then you realize you own nothing of color whatsoever

  • When you love a dress but don’t have the life that goes with that dress

  • When prom seasons gives you prom fever but yours was years ago

  • The sobering moment you realize that the phrase ‘fashion is pain’ is absolutely true

  • Or the equally amazing moment when you can walk in public with sweats and confidence

  • When you walk out of a store after scoring an amazing deal

  • When a one time even ‘requires’ an entirely new wardrobe

  • The more you convince yourself that you’re just window-shopping, the more you’ll end up buying

  • When not bringing a list suddenly means free reign to break your bank

  • That one outfit that makes you feel like superwoman when you wear it

. . . 

That’s my list – what’s your shamefully hilarious shopaholic confessions? Don’t forget to write them down in the comments down below! Thanks for stopping by all, love you and have a good end to your week!

-Mel xx

16 thoughts on “Struggles of a Shopaholic

    1. Same! I was convinced to try on a pair of slacks when I needed office wear and I was soo adamant they’d look horrible on me…but they ended up being as comfortable as pajamas :p We need to learn to just go for it!

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  1. I can totally relate to this, especially the first one!! When I would like to go shopping, and found what I liked on a mannequin and then when I am going to buy it and ask for my size, most of the time, there will be no size for me. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I can relate soooo much it’s painful xD mine is when you’re like ‘I’ve bought a new top but now I need trousers and shoes that go with it’ so you get more unnecessary clothes :/

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