5 Tips to Having a Better Morning!

Heeey all!

I’ve got a quick and short lifestyle post for you guys seeing how school is about to start in a few weeks! I know, I know, we’re only in July. But hey, some people start early okay! Plus…the idea of waking up super early has been on my mind lately because I recently got a new job!

In a few days, I’ll be working at the wonderfully innovative game studio in downtown Montreal as a narrative writer. It’s my dream job and I couldn’t be happier to work for a studio that’s small, creative and full of girl-power! Their art was the first thing that struck me but the second was the fact that the studio was founded by a woman which is so inspirational seeing how so often, the industry is depicted as mainly male! I’m so proud and excited to be apart of this studio and can’t wait to see what experiences I’ll have and people I’ll meet 🙂

So anyways, for today’s post, I wanted to share my tips for getting up early while also having a good morning! I know early mornings can kill but they don’t have to, I swear! So keep reading to hear my tips and don’t forget to share your own in the comments below. I’m always looking for more inspo!



Having some water first thing in the morning kickstarts your metabolism and instantly gives your body a jolt. It’s normal to feel dehydrated when you first wake up so having a cold glass of water while you perk up the coffee machine (or even on your commute,) can make your morning a lot better!

Put some music on

large (7)

I think that having music playing while you get ready can make such a big difference. Even if I only have time for a song or two while I’m washing my face and throwing on some mascara, the right song can instantly be the pick-me-up that I needed! Depending on my mood or even the weather, sometimes it’s a peaceful track without lyrics while at others, the morning calls for a classic rock or kpop hit.

Get dressed right away

large (4)

I think that getting ready first in the morning makes a big difference for me at least. Because if I get up from bed and go straight to my couch, there is absolutely no way that I am waking up anytime soon and I’ll just procrastinate until I realize how late I am. If I go straight to the bathroom, get dressed in an outfit that makes me happy and get ready to face the day, things go much smoother. When you’re making your way to the kitchen, you’re already dressed and (hopefully xD) there’s no need for you to rush because you’re already dressed and ready to go!

Small breakfasts

large (2).jpg

If you’re like me, then you’re someone who wakes up and feels their stomach turn at the idea of food. I always think I can wait until break time until I’m half way through my commute and realize how hungry/grumpy I am. My biggest tips are to either prep breakfasts the night before or keep it light! So that’s why I love overnight oats 🙂 also, fruit salads and protein bars are great to eat if you need something quick and mess free before leaving the house or on the way!

Adjust Your Timing

large (6).jpg

Last tip – but not least! Sleep is everything! It makes all the difference when you wake up after having a full nights rest. It’s completely worth missing out on late nights out when you wake up the next morning without the whole eyes-burning-head-exploding thing happening! So take the extra time to unwind before bed, sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up at a time where you aren’t rushing for dear life! I’m guilty of setting like…3 separate alarms but hey – it’s what works for me! :p Make the effort to ‘practice’ or get your body use to your new sleep schedule a few days beforehand, so that when school or work starts, the early hours aren’t such a shock to you!


6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Having a Better Morning!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I’m not one who usually goes to bed late but I start work at 8am and always find myself rushing around trying to get ready. This has motivated me to get out of bed a bit earlier and get dressed straight away! I also find that having a shower first thing in the morning helps me to feel refreshed for the rest of the day! x

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  2. Congrats on the job position! Agree with everything you wrote…another thing I do for a productive morning is to do core exercises and my writing work early on, so I have the afternoon to relax! Enjoy your summer. 🙂

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