Music Is Life Tag (Original)

Heyy everyone!

So today is kinda exciting...I made my own tag! 

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you might notice that I love music and my addiction to it made me decide ‘hey. let’s make a tag about it!’ I was craving to do something else music related outside of my Soundtrack Saturday segments and though I’m not sure how far this tag will make it around the blogisphere, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless because I had so much fun creating it!

So lets get into it –


  1. Mention/link the original creator of this tag (me,) and the person who tagged you!
  2. For all 13 questions, name an artist/band/song as an answer and if you’d like, add some sort of photo or link so people can find the music you are talking about 🙂
  3. Tag as many people as you want that love music as much as you do.

Music is Life Tag

1. Suburbia – Name an artist (or band) that you can fall in and out of love with, but will always return to.


It would have to be the band Our Lady Peace! I still remember when I heard Supermans Dead years and years ago and it blew my mind. They’re a band from Montreal/Toronto, the guys that got me into rock music and the first concert I ever saw live 🙂

2. Last Day Alive – Name an album that could be the soundtrack to your life. 


Hmmm..probably Suburbia by Troye Sivan. I find all of his songs so relatable and especially since we’re a similar age, it feels like all of the things he’s going through I have or am going through too! Plus, the album throws a ton of emotions at you – while he has a rhythm and voice to his music that’s quiet and calming, it can also make me want to get up and dance.

3. Mad Sounds – Headphones or earbuds?


So hard! I think earbuds are more convenient and lighter but I love the headphones I have right now! Sometimes it’s nice to change it up.

4. On Hold – What is the number one artist (or band) that is on your concert bucket list?


I’ve been steadily crossing off my concert bucket list over the past few years but I still have a few that I’d love to see! That’d have to be Guns N Roses, Troye Sivan andd The XX ❤

5. One Love – If you had to listen to the same album for the rest of your life, what would it be?


It would probably have to be Ever After by Marianas Trench xD I love how each song is so different from the last but that the album in it’s entirety is a story 🙂 I think it’s an incredibly well made album!!

6. A Little Help From My Friends – What is your anthem song between you and your best friends?


I’m not sure if this counts because we all have slightly different tastes…Kim likes classic rock, Robyn is more into indie and I’m somewhere between indie, electronica and 90’s rock xD BUT whenever ‘Nine in the Afternoon’ by Panic At The Disco comes on, we all break out in song and it’s been that way since we first fell in love with those guys high school :p

7. Shut Up & Dance – What is the perfect dance song?


At the moment…It Won’t Kill Ya by The Chainsmokers (& Ft. Louane)!

8. Something Just Like This – What song screams ‘epic love’ to you?


I have to pick 2 for this one!! It’d have to be Sweet Child O Mine by Guns n Roses and Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell 😀

9. Cherry Wine – Name a song you love that isn’t what it seems at first!


Just like the title I picked…I seriously misinterpreted Cherry Wine by Hozier when I first heard it. The same happened when I first heard First Love by Suga but I loved them even more when I found out the real meaning behind them! Cherry Wine sounds like it could be a love song by the melody but it’s actually about physical abuse. And First Love felt like it might be about a childhood sweetheart of Suga’s but it actually is about the relationship with his mother.

10. After Glow – Name a song that will always put you in a good mood no matter what.


Whenever I’m feeling down, Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard can remind me that things might not always be perfect, but they can get better.

11. Dope – Name a song that makes you feel bad ass.


Again, I chose the title of this question for a reason :p Dope by BTS might sound like any other rap/pop song but the lyrics are about the groups journey to become the best and how hard they worked and the sacrifices they made to get there – which always motivates me to work hard and celebrate the milestones 🙂

12. Bad Habit – What is your ‘guilty-pleasure’ song that you know all the lyrics to?


*Sigh* Definitly Treat You Better by Sean Mendes. It’s so far from the typical type of music I like but I love the lyrics and whenever it comes on at work (which is like, all the time) I always catch myself listening to it!

13. Digital Bath – CD or downloads?


CDs hands down!! I have so many that my cd case was overflowing the minute I bought it…but I can’t stop xD I have this fear that one day my itunes will spontaneously combust and if that happened and I only downloaded my music…what would happen to my library! Besides, I just like to be able to support the artist by walking into a cd store and buying way too many of their albums hehe. I have been known to cheat though if I only like 1 or a couple tracks off a huge album! :p

. . .

I hope you guys found this tag fun, thanks so much for giving it a read! 🙂

I Tag:

Dont Give A Jam



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Starring Pamela

And of course anyone else who thinks this tag might be fun to do! I’d really love to see the answers you guys come up with so let me know if you try it so I can check it out 😀 Goodnight everyone and thanks again!

-Mel xx

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