7 Awesome International Films/Shows To Watch!

Hey everyone,

Today I’ve got a bit of a random post :p I had fun writing my languages post not too long ago and it got me thinking that I watch quite a bit of international movies/shows. Maybe it makes me weird but I actually love watching things outside of my own language and country – it’s so cool to see how different countries approach television and film 🙂 For todays post I wanted to write about my top 7 international shows/movies!

So, lets get into this post!

Les Revenants (France)



Les Revenants first appeared to me on my Netflix related list. I was bored that day, and I decided ‘what the heck’. I was interested in the plot, which was about a group of people who mysteriously rise from the dead and attempt to reunite with their loved ones. The first season was a total of 8 episodes shot in the stunning French mountains and set in a small town – the type where everyone knows everyone – including all the baggage and tragedy that the towns people have endured over the last 50 or so year. For instance, just a few years back, a horrific bus crash that killed an entire class of children. The show particularly focuses on the Séguret family and how they deal with their daughter returning home late one night with no recollection of the bus accident four years earlier. 

I binged this 16 episode show in two days. While France french and Montreal french are a totally different dialect, I really enjoyed this show and discovered and amazing new writer out of it, Fabrice Gobert! Plus, the soundtrack is done by Mogwai! Seriously it can’t get better than them, I bought the soundtrack the second I was done with the show xD

If you’re into dark, mysterious plots and you’re looking for a new zombie-filled show to watch…give Les Revenants a try!

Koizora (Japan)


I’m not sure how popular this movie was in Japan but I personally adore the characters and that’s why it’s remained one of my favorite Japanese movies! Koizora (which translates to Sky of Love!) is about the sweet relationship between high schoolers Hiro and Mika. After secretly (and cleverly if I might add hehe) getting Mika’s cell number, he calls her over spring break and though she tells him not to call her anymore, Mika’s interest is totally peakedwho is this mysterious boy who wants to get to know her? Despite her earlier hesitation, Mika continues talking to the sweet and funny boy on the other end of the line all break and when school finally starts up again, the two decide to meet in person.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this is a must-see movie that will remind you what falling in love for the first time feels like 🙂

C.R.A.Z.Y (Quebec)



Showing some Canadian pride here! This was actually the very first french film I ever saw and it was when I was in my ‘Cinema & Culture’ class in college. When I saw it on our course outline, I was kinda skeptical…buut now I show it to everyone I know xD C.R.A.Z.Y is a coming-of-age film centering around a boy named Zac who is raised in a super religious family in the 1960-70’s. Early on, Zac knows he is gay and spends the better part of the movie trying desperately to change himself as well as dealing with homophobia despite his best efforts.

The movie talks about a lot of different issues still relevant to today and all around, it’s a roller coaster of emotions! The movie takes you through Zac being born, all the way to adulthood which is a type of character development that you typically don’t see in a lot films. Oh and the movie is chock full of classic rock like Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter…I kinda can’t help singing along to pretty much every song of the film!

If you like the 60’s-70’s, great music and are a fan of movies big on character development, you gotta check this one out!

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Korea)



Still to this day one of my favorite Korean dramas, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a historical drama about a 21st century girl named Hae-Soo who gets caught up in a solar eclipse and is swept back in time to the Goryeo dynasty. The drama follows Hae-Soo struggling with how she can return back to her life in the future – and whether that’s even what she really wants. Then, she remembers: Goryeo was the dynasty where a ruthless prince becomes king and murders all of his brothers to secure his place on the throne. Having grown close to the princes of King Taejo in her time there, Hae-Soo becomes determined to discover which of the brothers is destined to carry out this horrible future and stop it from becoming true once again.

Scarlet Heart is amazingly acted, with singer IU and actor Lee Joon Ki (Who’s in the new Resident Evil movie btw!) and I’m addicted to the soundtrack. Plus, Goryeo has some seriously stunning scenary!

If you like historical dramas, romance, drama and suspense…this ones for you! But warning in advance, have tissues on stand by xD

Engel Und Joe (Germany)



This German film (which is based one a true story) is about teenagers and self discovery. Following the story of runaway teen, Joe, who is trying to escape her mother and a trail of nasty ex-husbands, she runs into a group of self-destructive runaways with all to familiar stories. One boy, Engel, sticks out. However his addiction to drugs and lack of respect for authority repeatedly gets the fragile couple in trouble and Joe begins to wonder where she truly belongs in the world.

I think Joe is such a strong female character – she goes through so much but continues to get up and keep going. Her story leaves me beyond inspired that no matter what happens, you will get through it. Also, I’m a massive fan of Robert Stadlober…He plays Engel and does a fantastic job at it!

If you love teen romance or like to read YA, this will definitely appeal to you!

Terrace House (Japan/America)



For all you reality show lovers, this ones for you! Terrace House is originally a Japanese reality show that follows six young adults who are all strangers and living under one roof. Then, the hosts observe their interactions and comment which some times gets pretty freaking hilarious! Seeing an older generation comment on the younger kids who are searching for the dreams, experiencing budding relationships always makes me laugh because like 90% of the time, they’re totally right.

Terrace house recently signed with Netflix so the newest season is about Japanese boys and girls living in Hawaii which is pretty cool. I think it’s awesome that Netflix noticed Terrace House and put an American flare on it! 🙂

49 Days  (Korea)



49 Days is another one of my favorite Korean dramas. It is about a young and wealthy girl named Ji Hyun who believes that she has everything; a perfect fiance, spoiling parents and the best friends she could ask for. However, when a troubling event causes her to lose control of her car, she is severely injured and is put into a coma. 

Ji Hyun meets a mysterious man calling himself a Scheduler (or grim reaper as she prefers it xD) who tells her that she wasn’t meant to die that day and if she is able to collect three genuine tears from the people who truly love her within 49 days, than she will be returned back to her body. Thinking it will be a piece of cake, the ever-optimistic Ji-Hyun waits impatiently for her friends and fiance to cry for her. But when that moment never comes, Ji Hyun is forced to face the events of her car crash and the fact that the people in her life are not all who they seem to be. Now stuck borrowing a body by day and trapped as a spirit by night, she must find the people who truly loved her while unraveling a web of lies. 

For anyone who loves a good mystery thriller mixed with some paranormal romance…this ones a great option! This drama probably has one of my favorite OTP’s I’ve ever rooted for and the story is so well written!! It really pushes you to think about your life and the people around us that shape us into who we are.

. . .

Well, that’s all I’ve got today! I hope you enjoyed this fun little post and find some of these interesting. Have you ever watched something outside of your own language? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 Goodnight!

-Mel xx

25 thoughts on “7 Awesome International Films/Shows To Watch!

  1. These are some great selections of films and tv series.

    I’ve only seen a few episodes of Scarlet Heart, now I really wanna watch it all haha. It is such a huge hit here in my country, alongside Weightlifting Fairy, Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea.

    Thanks for sharing this, Melissa.

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  2. It’s been years since I’ve watched 49 Days, but still remains my favorite K-drama to date! Love that show…I’ve been meaning to watch Les Revenants for some time after hearing good things about it—it’d be a good way to keep up my French, too! C.R.A.Z.Y. sounds right up my alley, and it’d be cool to fine-tune my Québécois listening skills. Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for sharing. I don’t watch enough television or films to begin with, but a couple of these are definitely going on my list. C.R.A.Z.Y sounds really good and right up my alley. I do love the cultural experiences that you can get from the most simple of things, like media and entertainment. Even the contrast in setting is really pleasing to me 🙂

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  4. Love this! International movies don’t get enough love sometimes. One of my all time favourites is L’Auberge Espagnole because it’s the perfect movie for people who intend to live abroad for a while. It captures all the little and big things that make your experience so unique, while somehow showing that we all go through similar things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree! It’s an expirience to watch them and so many movies I’ve seen have introduced me to all kinds of new things like music, actors and culture – plus making me want to visit there of course 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I’ll definitely have to check that one out!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my goodness, I haven’t heard of any of these except Terrace House. haha I have some catching up to do. I was intrigued by TH, though. When you say American flare, is it in Japanese or English? I like to have things on as background noise while I do other things, but if it’s subtitled, I have to set the time out to actually sit down and watch haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its Japanese! But I only mentioned the flare part because it takes place in America now xD so you unfortunately you’d definitely have to pay attention when watching! So happy you liked it! 🙂


  6. I love this post, I think it’s so important that we don’t just limit ourselves to films in our own language, you’ve inspired me to start writing my own post about foreign language films so thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow thank you so much! That’s exactly it, every culture is different and the best way to see that firsthand without actually visiting is through film/tv 😀 Link it here sometime when its up? I’d really really love to read it!


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