The Bedtime Book Tag!

Hey everyone!

So I spotted this seriously cool book tag called The Bedtime Book tag while scrolling through my feed and knew upon reading it that I had to try it!

I originally read this tag over at Thrice Read, an awesome book blog created by three best girlfriends that all book worms should give a visit to – but the original creator of the tag is Kelly at Kelly’s Bookspill 🙂 Go check them out!

– And here are the bookish questions!

What book kept you up all night reading?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


This book literally kept me up until 6 am! I couldn’t stop reading until I knew the ending 😮 Also…I’m pretty sure this series has ruined me for life. I’m a total historical fantasy addict now!

What book made you scared to go to sleep?

The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith


This series is about a group of teens who unknowingly buy and an enchanted board game and find themselves trapped inside it by a cruel boy who lives in the shadows and plots to have fun putting their lives at stake for his amusement. This story has three books to it and LJ Smith does an awesome job of creating hauntingly dark images that give chills up your spine in the unique and enchanting world.

What book almost put you to sleep?

40 Things I Want to Tell You by Alice Kuipers


I was really bummed about this book because while I liked the premise of a blogger as the lead, the main character was hard to like and neither of her love interests had me rooting for a ship! Which made it really difficult to get into…but I suppose that’s what I get for buying a book for it’s pretty cover!

What book had you tossing and turning in anticipation for its new release?

Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi


I needed to know what would happen to Perry and Aria’s people with the increasing lighting storms and whether their relationship recently rocky would last under all the craziness!

What book has your dream boyfriend?

Roar or Perry, also from Under the Never Sky series by Veronice Rossi


Sorry, not sorry! – But I love these characters too much :p Both characters are strong, funny, protective, compassionate and patient, just like my own boyfriend, Robert ❤

What book would be a nightmare to live in?

Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Being forced to give up all your emotions, especially deep ones like love, sounds terrifying — no thanks!

What book reminds you of nighttime?

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey 


Cassie always seems to be depicted camping in the woods at night at the start of the books and since the book features aliens…that makes me think of the dark night sky :p

What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

City of Ashes by Casandra Claire


It would be major spoilers if I said anything but yeeeah…!

What book have you actually dreamed about?

The Dark And Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan


This doesn’t really happen often, though I wish it would..apart from this case obviously because this is more like a nightmare :p I weirdly have these recurring dreams of being trapped in a zombie apocalypse just like in this series by Carrie Ryan!

What fictional monster would you not like hiding under your bed?  

A dementor from the Harry Potter series!


Those things sound pretty terrifying and I’m such a wuss when it comes to the dark and over imagining what every shadow might be!

. . . 

Well that’s all I’ve for for today!

Thanks so much for reading this post – I had lots of fun doing this dreamy tag and tag any of you reading this who wants to try it out! Link it in the comments below so I can it! 😀 Have a good weekend everyone,

-Mel xx

9 thoughts on “The Bedtime Book Tag!

  1. Ohhh love your answers! I remember reading The Forbidden Game a little while ago and I loved the whole concept of the game, it was so cool and quite creepy ahah. I wouldn’t want to live in Delirium either, what a crazy, crazy world it is.
    Great post! 🙂

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