My Workout Essentials!

Hey everyone, how’s it going? :p

I know, I missed a post yesterday – But there was a reason for it!

I’ve been super excited to do some fitness themed posts for you guys since the weather started getting summer-y because it’s a topic that’s really close to my heart and to be honest, I could talk about being active/healthy for hours xD Long story short, I was hoping to get some proper photos for you guys yesterday but it was such a dreary day and I just wasn’t happy with the results I got.

So, I decided ‘what the heck’ and to just give it another go today instead. Consistency is really important to me when it comes to blogging but so is quality and I wouldn’t want to post something I’m not happy with.

Anyway, second time was the charm and I’m ready to share with you guys my workout essentials!

I believe that while the equipment doesn’t make you, it can definitely inspire you. That’s why I think that if being fit is something you’re really interested in doing or feel passionate about, it’s worth the investment. Here are my personal workout essentials!


  • Yoga/Pilates Mat: I got this mat from Lulu Lemon after working out/doing pop Pilates consistently for 4 years. When I first started out, I was using just my living room carpet. Then I upgraded to a cheap Walmart mat after about a year. And after that, I decided that a more pricier and thicker one was worth the money seeing how in love I was with it!
  • My weights: These are just a pair of 5 pound weights. I have a pair of 3 pounds that are metal as well but I find that these have a better grip to them! I got these from Walmart and it’s about 1$ a pound…in the next few years, I want to work my way up to 8 or 10 pounds but slow and steady definitely wins when it comes to working out.


  • Water Bottle: I’m in love with this water bottle! It’s a bottle with a time on the back and the phrase ‘Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow’ on the front. I purchases it about a year ago from Blogilates official store and while I’m not a huge fan of water, this has helped me get my bad habit of dehydration under control because the filter (where I add my favorite fruits) makes it really tasty. Usually I add lemon and lime which REALLY tastes like 7up, my favorite soda – but today I opted for strawberries for a change! IMG_1300
  • Musiic!: I’m always listening to music, especially when I’m working out. My headphones are from the brand Frends and my Iphone fits snuggly into my arm band which I got at Sports Experts I believe. It’s not super colorful but then again, I was desperate at the time and was more concerned about efficiency xP

I thought I’d also show you my everyday workout clothes/ some outfits I like to wear 🙂 Yes there’s a lot of black, I know xD I’ve tried to be more ‘colorful’ while running but I don’t know, it’s just not me – I prefer being antisocial and incognito haha!

  • Black yoga shorts and the black Runners shorts are from Lulu Lemon, really comfy and great quality!
  • Lilac pilates shorts are from Blogilates store. So soft and great for yoga. Plus the pockets are really nifty and cute! :p
  • Floral sports bra is also from Blogilates in the ‘heartstrings’ style. I don’t usually go for bright colors when it comes to workout attire but I’m also a sucker for anything floral and the back criss-cross pattern is really flattering and something different.
  • Lastly, the grey muscle tank and Black racer back are from H&M. Literally, that store is a godsend! I love grabbing their tees from their Basic line because of their comfy fit and of course their prices. Both those tees were under 10$ whereas a muscle tee anywhere else would easily be 20$.

So there you have it, those are all my workout essentials! Do you like to workout or are interested in becoming more fit?

I loved writing this post and have some ideas for a couple others like a playlist, workout and meal ideas maybe?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Have a good rest of your weekend everyone 🙂



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