The ‘My First Time’ Tag!

Hey everyone! 

So I have been kinda wanting to do another tag lately that allows you to get to know me a bit better. After watching a ton of amazing Youtubers tackle ‘My First Time Tag’ on their channels, I was like ‘I have to do this!’. Writing on The Bookish Wanderer feels like I’m simply writing a letter to a friend and that’s why I thought this would be an awesome tag to do because I love sharing things about me with you guys and hearing about you on your blogs or down in the comments as well! 🙂

If you’re unfamiliar with The First Time Tag, it’s basically a series of questions (Literally a ton, but I narrowed it down to twenty something,) about the first time you did this or learnt that, from early memories to what you did today. I’m not sure who started it unfortunately but I think I started seeing it pop up a few years ago!

Without further ado, let’s get into it-

My First Time Tag!

  • My first language? 

    That would be English :p I’m fluent in French as well though, since Montreal is a bilingual city! My mom is Italian and my dad is of British heritage. Apparently I was fluent in Italian as a kid but at the moment I can only have a basic conversation after taking a college class in it one semester.

  • My first toy? 

    I think my first toy was a stuffed bear that my mom, who is a nurse, received from the parents of a young girl she took care of 🙂

  • First person you subscribed to on Youtube? 

    Bubzbeauty, after watching her makeup/cosplay of Yuna from Final Fantasy X!

  • Where was your first sleepover? 

    It was probably a girl in elementary. A girl in my class invited all the girls to a sleepover for her birthday and in all honesty all I remember was that I was terrified haha!

  • The first book I remember reading? 

    I can’t remember the name or the author but for some reason I remember exactly what the cover looked like! Is that weird? It was a book about two sisters who found out they were mermaids and had to save their kingdom or something along the lines of that.

  • First movie you remember seeing? 

    Probably the original animated Snow White by Disney! My grandparents bought me a slew of Disney movies when I was little!

  • My first ever cell phone? 

    After my dad tried (and failed xD) to pass down his ancient antenna phone to me, I ended up getting my first cell phone, which was a bright green samsung slide phone. I still have it to this day because I’m sentimental but have since upgraded to an Iphone. I swear though, that flip phone was my favorite thing ever and I’m eagerly waiting for them to be a thing again!!

  • My first fear? 

    Sharks! And in turn the ocean…I want to learn to surf one day so clearly that means getting into an ocean but one day my dad and I were home sick and Jaws was on TV. Lets just I never recovered. Being in water or even being in it in a video game actually makes me feel super anxious! 😮

  • First make-up item? 

    This lollipop scented lip gloss form the drugstore.

  • First time I ever got into trouble at school?

    In grade 10, I actually got sent to the detention room for French period because I flunked a French quiz on verbs! Yeah, that teacher was brutal.

  • My first job? 

    At 13, I started referring soccer games around where I lived and did that for about 4-5 years before finally getting a job as a cashier at Walmart…not sure which one I disliked more though xD

  • The first thing I do every morning? 

    I usually have a hard time getting out of bed after my alarm goes off so immediately, I start flipping through things on my phone so that I don’t fall back asleep!

  • My first thought today? 

    Probably something along the lines of ‘I really do not want to go to work today *insert sigh*’

  • The first text I sent today? 

    It was to my friend Kimberly, asking if she wanted to hang out after work :p

  • First broken bone? 

    I haven’t broken any bones but I’ve badly sprained my ankle twice, once in track and another time at soccer, and it never really recovered right.

  • My first piercing? 

    Basic ear piercings and I was probably eight or ten years old :p

  • My first tattoo? 

    Eeeeek, I still can’t believe I even have one! I got my first one ten days ago on the back of my arm. It’s a simple babys breath flower. Check out the post I did about my experience here!

  • The first concert I ever attended? 

    When I was in grade 9, my parents took me to a festival in Gatineau which is 3 hours away. They were holding this ‘Night of Rock’ where the band I was obsessed with Our Lady Peace was playing as well as Hedley! It was funny because at the end of Our Lady Peace’s set, an older man gave me his front row view for Hedley because he assumed that’s who I was mainly there to see…not that I was complaining…but little did he know we were there for the same band hehe!

  • The first person you text when something exciting happens? 

    It kind of depends on what the thing is but typically I text my boyfriend Robert, and my two best friends Kimberly and Robyn.

  • My first ever boyfriend? 

    That would be Robert and we’ve recently just celebrated 5 years together ❤

  • My first ever date? 

    Robert invited me to see a movie with him and we ended up getting tickets for a horror called Chernobyl Diaries 🙂

  • My first ever kiss? 

    One day when Robert was over, we walked to this lake near my house and sat for hours on the dock just talking. We’d been dating about a week and it was a really nice summer day. Suddenly he asked if he could kiss me and I shyly nodded. He was so proper and sweet about the whole thing and so it didn’t matter how nervous I was!

Like I said, I think that this is such a fun tag and I would love to hear what your ‘first times’ are to a few of these down in the comments below – OR if you’re down to do this tag then go for it because I’d love to read it! 🙂 I tag all of you!

Well, that’s all for today, thanks so much for stopping by and goodnight!


31 thoughts on “The ‘My First Time’ Tag!

  1. It was so much fun getting to know you more Melissa!
    My first phone was a Nokia flip phone, then it died and I got a Samsung flip phone! I kept that until a few years ago, but I loved it ! It was my phone for like 5 years. It was so fun to play with, and snapping it shut to end a call is so much more satisfying than just touching a red button on a screen 😀

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  2. It was fun reading this post – thanks for sharing!
    Robert sounds like such a sweet guy, and that is wonderful that he was your first boyfriend and that you guys are still happily together!
    The first person I subscribed to on Youtube is probably also Bubz (though I don’t remember completely haha…)


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  3. I have a friend in Montreal and he is so fluent in French, and at first I was so confused on how he got to be that good in French and then he explained to me that Montreal is a bilingual city after all.

    And flip phones, yesssss! Everyone had one back then haha. Fun times.

    This is such a cool tag, Melissa and it is nice to get to know about you more. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this tag! It was a really interesting read and I kind of want to do this tag now. I probably will. Also, I’ve sprained my ankle really badly twice now too and it just doesn’t work quite look it should anymore, I don’t notice it super often but it sucks when I do.

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