6 Shows I Love to Binge-Watch!

Hey all!ย 

I’ve been in a pretty serious The Vampire Diaries marathon lately (it’s not my fault, I swear, in my defense, the weathers been terrible!) and it got me thinking that maybe something useful could come out of it – why not make a post about it? Today, I wanted to share my favorite shows to binge-watch and hopefully recommended some new ones to you! Most of these are on netflix I believe, so with that saiid, here we go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Orphan Black


Orphan Black is a brilliant sci-fi thriller about a reckless and out of sorts girl named Sarah Manning. Her biggest worries consist of regaining custody of her daughter and getting a fresh start somewhere new. Until one night, when Sarah’s life completely changes. After she witnesses a woman, who looks uncannily like her, jump in front of a subway, stealing this dead woman’s life makes Sarah think she’s struck gold. That is until a mysterious hitman suddenly seems to be hell bent on killing her and it turns out that Sarah having a twin wasn’t just a coincidence – she is one of many clones engineered with a purpose that her clones – or sisters – are still trying to uncover. With the brilliant Canadian actress, Tatiana Maslany, acting as all of the unique and diverse clones, this is a seriously addicting show! There are only a few seasons, however the final one is about to come out in a few days and I cannot wait :p It’s a quick and thrilling show filled with science fiction, mysterious, plot twists, laughs and romance.

The 100


Even though I haven’t had a chance to read the books yet (which I’ve been meaning to, have you read them by any chance?) I really love this show! My friend Robyn and I meet up once a week to watch the show together and through every season, it’s been so much fun! The story essentially takes place 100 years after the world was destroyed by radiation. The survivors of the human race have been living in space but are quickly running out air and need to think fast if they are going to continue to survive. Their solution? Send down 100 of their juvenile delinquent prisoners to test the Earth and see if it’s safe for everyone else to come down. I love the concept and the characters, all of whom have grown so much over the past four seasons. Every year, the world seems to get bigger and new enemies and allies are introduced. If you’re into teen drama and post-apocalyptic stories, this is perfect for you! While most teen shows are focused on romance and high school, this ones about kids learning to survive in a world they’ve only heard stories about.



Lost holds such an important place in my heart because it was the first show that I really ever binged. Years ago when they were in the middle of season 4, I stumbled upon it on TV and was completely hooked. This show had my entire family sitting down once a week, passing around snacks and sitting on the edge of our seats trying to figure out what the heck was going on. At first appearance, it’s a drama about a group of plan crash survivors who are trapped on an island with no sign of help. However, over the course of seven seasons, they discover that the island is not at all what it appears to be and that they aren’t exactly alone. If you want something a little longer-term to watch, this is awesome! I love all the intricate relationships between the survivors and flashbacks that tell you more about them before the crash happened. And don’t get me started on the mysteries and plot twists. LOST will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last episode! :p

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo


This has become hands down my favorite K-Drama and honestly, at first, I was surprise how addicted I became to it. Scarlet Heart is a historical/romantic drama about a young woman living in modern South Korea who gets caught in a solar eclipse and is hurtled back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. Trapped in the body of her ancestor, Lady Hae Soo, she finds herself caught in the middle of a family of princes who are all vying for the throne. With little idea how to return home, Hae Soo becomes attached to the people and life she has in Goryeo and discovers that maybe she was sent there for a reason: History says that the brother who becomes king murders all his brothers to secure his place on the throne. But who among the brothers that Hae Soo has grown to care for, befriend (and even love) are destined to carry out that horrible fate? The mystery of this show is so well done and the acting done by Lee Joon Ki and IU are amazing…I might have already watched the entire show (which is only 21 episodes) twice!ย I’m not at all someone who enjoys historical shows however this show has me completely obsessed with the story and it’s characters. If you like a show that makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh, check this out! โค

The Vampire Diaries


I started watching The Vampire diaries back when it first aired because I’m a massive fan of the books. Though the show slowly differs farther and farther away from the books, if you separate the two it’s an awesome, binge-worthy show! Taking place in Mystic Falls, Virgina, the story follows high-schooler Elena Gilbert who meets a mysterious guy named Stefan on her first day of school after losing her parents in a car crash that summer. Stefan is revealed to be a 100 year old vampire who is curious about Elena from the moment he lays eyes on her and though the two end up beginning an epic romance, Stefan’s dangerous and volatile brother Damon’s return to town threatens to shake things up. With lovable characters, a great soundtrack, addicting story and an awesome cast, you really can’t go wrong with The Vampire Diaries, fan of the books or not!

Les Revenantsย 


This 16 episode show was on Netflix not to long ago and though it has an Americanized version, I definitely recommend the original which was shot in France! Les Revenants takes place in a small and remote town in France that seems to be plagued by tragedy. However on one strange day, the dead seem to return, given back their lives with seemingly no explanation. Focusing on the question, ‘what would you do if your loved one came back from the dead?‘ Les Revenants is a shocking, horror/sci-fi that explores life, death and what it would be like to to return to your life years after people have moved on. Each episode focuses primarily on one of the returned, giving insight to how they died and how they’re dealing with their second chance. Featuring a teenage girl who died and left her twin sister to grow up without her, a man who died on his wedding day and a serial killer who has taken up old patterns after eight years, Les Revenants is a brilliant piece filled with dark mystery.

So, what doย you guys like to binge-watch? I’m curious what you all like so let me know in the comments down below! ๐Ÿ™‚ Netflix is such a guilty pleasure isn’t it…*sigh*. That’s all for today, proobably should be getting some sleep before my shift tomorrow (which means at least two more episodes of Vampire Diaries are in order.) Goodnight, until next time!


29 thoughts on “6 Shows I Love to Binge-Watch!

  1. Yay Orphan Black! I am definitely guilty of binge watching that! I tried The 100, but I just didn’t really get into it for some reason. Most shows I binge watch my comedies cause they’re light and don’t require too much focus ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I loooove the 100! Did you see this season’s finale? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I thought it was the best one yet.
    I also really liked LOST back in the day and I’ve rewatched it a couple of years ago (because, honestly, you need to watch it at least twice before you understand what in the hell is going on, lol).
    I used to love the Vampire Diaries too, but it went downhill in season 5 and onward. It still had some great moments, but I feel like the story lost its spark somewhere along the way.

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    1. I completely agree about the vampire diaries, it went on longer then it should have which is too bad :s But happy you like Lost and The 100! I haven’t watched lost all the way through a second time yet but you’re totally right xD My mom has all the dvds and I just kinda cheat nowadays and rewatch my favorite episodes lol

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  3. I love Orphan Black! One of my favourite shows! ๐Ÿ™‚ How to get away with murder is also a really addictive show and so is Scream, if you want any recommendations haha – I’m also in the middle of watching Girlboss which is really good ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Ohhhhh what a lovely post! The Vampire Diaries is my all time favourite show and I’ve been watching it since it first aired until the very end! And I love Orphan Black! I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons but it’s SO GOOD and I really need to catch up! Great post! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

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  5. I had a phase of binge-watching Lost and Vampire Diaries. They are definitely addictive!
    Recently life has been super hectic so I haven’t gotten around to watching shows. I do eventually want to catch up to the Game of Thrones since everyone has been talking about it.
    Thanks for sharing!


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  6. I haven’t watched Lost in so long. I loved that show. I just recently started a re-binge of Sons of Anarchy. I’m such a sucker for that. I’m also binging Grey’s Anatomy for the first time! I had to see what all the hype was about haha I gave up on TVD after what happened with Elena. Just…eh….I didn’t care anymore lol

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    1. I knooow! Something similar happens to Elena in the books but you’re still getting chapters in her point of view anyway so it’s not as bad as what the show did ugh xD Ugh I love SOA!!


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