5 Years Of My Happiest Memories

Hello everyone πŸ™‚

Yesterday marked a pretty major milestone. My boyfriend Robert and I celebrated 5 years together by spending the afternoon downtown and it was perfect.

It’s rare that you enter a relationship in high school and find someone who so completely complements you. With Robert, every year I discover more and more how perfectly we fit each other.

Portraiture 3000 004

That’s why for today’s post, I wanted attempt to express/ describe how utterly happy and thankful I amΒ to have this wonderful man in my life ❀

We met in the summer of Junior year and were basically inseparable after our first date, which was going to see a horror movie called Cherynobol Diaries…what I ‘forgot’ to mention was the fact that I was a complete and total wuss with anything remotely horror but we weren’t officially dating yet and I just wanted the date to go well xD I still remember how nervous I was and still don’t know to this day whether the zombies on screen or the idea of putting my head on his shoulder terrified me more haha!

Campus (May-02-2013) 003

It’s crazy how you can go from being a nervous wreck and worrying about every little thing down to your outfit, hair and what your date will be…to weekly pizza/movie nights with comfy clothes and loosing track of time.

He has become the person that I can share anything with, be silly with. When I see him I can completely forget what was upsetting me five seconds ago.

LaRonde (July-8-2012) 2.jpg

I love how comfortable we have grown with each other and how no time can feel wasted when we are together. Words can never suffice to explain how mind-blowingly happy he makes me and how complete and right everything feels with Robert in my life.

PROM Grads 2013 031

He’s been there for hard and fun times, supported me and encouraged me when I didn’t believe in myself enough and made me laugh until my sides hurt and I’m tearing up. Whether it’s taking long walks, binge-watching shows or playing games (just to name a few things that is that much more fun because it’s with him), he makes my world infinitely better.Β 


I can’t wait to see what the next 5 or 10 years has in store for us.

Goodnight all,


32 thoughts on “5 Years Of My Happiest Memories

  1. Congrats on being together 5 years. It’s definitely a milestone in a lot of ways. My boyfriend and I were long distance for a year, and we moved in together last year, and are now approaching the 5 year anniversary. It’s amazing how things can change, but how two people can somehow continue growing together and making things work.
    Once again, it’s really cool you two have made it last. I hope the best for ya ❀

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