Storytime: My First Tattoo Experience + My Piercings!

Heey everyone, 

Soo I’m kinda freaking out because – I HAVE A TATTOO!!

This has been years in the planning even though it’s a small and simple design just because I wanted to be sure about placement/size/overall design etc! But, it finally happened and I wanted to share my experience with you guys! Also, I thought I’d share what piercings I have and a quick little summary of what it was like to get them just because I know that for me, I researched so hard when I was contemplating my piercings and reading blogs / watching videos really helped prepare me. So without further ado…:p

My Tattoo


Originally, I always thought my first tattoo would be the phrase ‘Art is the weapon.’ in a type-writer font. It’s a phrase from MCR’s last album that I absolutely love and have always felt describes me so well. However, I think getting words a super big commitment and while I love both the phrase and the band that created it, I’m going to give it just a bit more time to be sure it’s still something I want then.

Anyway, I also knew I wanted a flower but the type of flower kept changing over the years – this could have easily been a sunflower on my quad or a rose on my shoulder but then I realized that while I found those flowers pretty, Baby Breaths have always been my favorite – small, white, delicate and simple. This was suppose to be a graduation present to myself and from my parents for getting my degree and celebrating it – what better way to celebrate then with a flower? Plus, just for fun, I looked up the meaning behind Baby Breaths: Besides being an accent to bouquets and a symbol for pure/devoted love, it also symbolizes self discipline and self love. I thought that was beautifully fitting 🙂

I ended up finding a ton of inspiration on Pinterest to determine size/placement and the overall look of it which really helped me!

My artist, Chris, is from Adrenaline, a piercing/tattoo parlor. Originally, I had wanted to go to a shop called Expressions because that is where I got all of my piercings and seen some really great pieces by the artists there. But since the place moved and got new staff, the vibe in there has been totally different. After being referred to Adrenaline by my friend Robyn, I made an appointment with Chris, a talented artist who has some really cool script, animal and water color flower pieces on his Facebook page. He also happens to be doing Robyn’s brother and Adrenaline has done some seriously amazing work on her so I knew I was in good hands there.


On the car ride there, I completely siked myself out, imagining how utterly painful it would be. Needles don’t really bother me and while I’ve always been really relaxed during any piercing I got, I’m a giant wuss when it comes to the migraines I get or something like a stomach/tooth ache.

However when I walked into the tiny tattooing room, Chris was friendly and educative, telling me what I could expect during and after. Robyn kept me chilled out and my boyfriend, Robert, came along to serve his boyfriend duties of letting me crush his hand if need be and that was what kept me from wincing a ton when I really wanted to :p But when the tattooing started – I was kinda shocked. It really wasn’t bad at all!

In the sixth grade, I got stung by a wasp on my wrist and to be honest, the pain felt kinda like that. People have always told me it’s like a cat scratching a sunburn and during the stem part, I was wincing a bit. That description about summed it up. But for the most part it really wasn’t that bad at all! I’d rate the overall pain a 4-5 and the whole thing took about 30 minutes.

Robyn was laughing that she couldn’t believe how calm I was being and that she was jealous – I went with her for her first tattoo, which was a small Gemini symbol on her wrist, and she fainted! She has more tattoos and piercings than me but she’s deathly afraid of needles – honestly I think that makes her much more of a tough cookie than me xD As long as it’s something that I want, I can deal with the pain, like when I foolishly played at soccer-tryouts with my sprained ankle (which, guys, I definitely don’t recommend) or when I decided to get my industrial, one of the most painful piercings, as my first.

So far so good, healing seems to be going well! I’m seriously so happy with it and can’t wait to (possibly) plan for more in the future :p Sometimes I find myself forgetting I have it and then can’t stop staring/smiling at it xD Is that weird?

Tips if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo!

  • Be sure about everything you want before arriving at your appointment and if there’s even a small thing that makes you unhappy about what the artist has prepared for your design, speak up! It’s going on your body forever after all. Tattooing is a collaborative process and you guys can work together to create the perfect piece for you!
  • Don’t tense up while it’s happening, just focus on your breathing and bring along someone who makes you relaxed.
  • When it starts to feel tight/itchy or dry during the healing process, just keep in mind that moisturizer is your best friend. Whatever you do, don’t scratch!
  • Something I learned the hard way today…stay out of the sun!! You can’t use sunblock for a bit after your tattoo has been done so your best bet is to keep it covered with a light sweater/jacket. Mine got a bit red today but I’ve officially learnt my lesson on sun exposure xD

My piercings

My Industrial Piercing 🙂

I got this one about 4-5 years ago, in highschool. Piercings don’t freak me out as much since you can always take them out if it doesn’t work out but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research. I did quite a bit beforehand and was prepared when I went in…my mom was there and Robert was too, again being amazing and holding my hand through this one and the next one I’ll be talking about :p The pain was about an 8 but it only last 2 seconds. Granted, the healing process is long, tedius and even after all this time, it can get red from sleeping on it too much or I’ll get a cut underneath the bar, therefore it’s a piercing you really have to love. I love how unique it is despite just being 1 piercing and the jewelry is so cool and creative!

My nose piercing! :p

I got this one 2-3 years ago I believe, fully intending to have a silver hoop at the end of the healing process but it didn’t end up going as smoothly as my industrial.The initial pain during the piercing was about a 6 and online descriptions felt way over exaggerated. As long as you take care of it and keep it clean and try not to flare or crinkle your nose, it barely hurts afterwords! After it healed with the stud, I got my ring in right away. But months later, I needed to change it back to a stud in order to play soccer. First, we discovered that my ring was mysteriously stuck in place and it was a struggle to get it out. Then, by the time we picked new jewelry (which was give or take 5 minutes) the whole was too closed and my piercer had to re pierce me. Unfortunately, he must have accidentally must’ve hit a nerve because it started bleeding. Eventually all was fine and I ended up with this pretty and tiny teal stud but since then I’ve been weary about changing jewelry. Maybe someday soon! 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for my first Storytime post today but I hope you enjoyed it and found some useful tips! Shoutout to my awesome from Kimberly for taking pictures with me! You’re the best ❤ I’d love to hear about your piercing/tattoo stories in the comments down below! 🙂 Do you plan on getting any or have any? I read your comments in my last post and it was so much fun to hear about everyone’s different experience which is what inspired me to make this post! Anyway, until next time –

Have a good rest of the week everyone!


33 thoughts on “Storytime: My First Tattoo Experience + My Piercings!

  1. I love your tattoo! I think you made a good choice going for an image, since words can be tricky and lose their meaning quickly over time (granted, mine’s a blend of text and art, as it’s a calligraphic Chinese character, but that’s another thing…).

    So nice that you also didn’t go for a rose or some other generic flower that many people choose to go for. Judging from the photo, is the tattoo placed on the back of your arm? I was curious about why did you choose to go with that body placement? I’m sure that’s also a story in itself! Hope it heals well, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! And a blend of image/text also sounds very cool 🙂 I chose it after thinking of a few regular places and feeling unsure but then I saw a photo of a girl with a palm tree on the back of her arm and I was like ‘that’s perfect’!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks beautiful! I love baby’s breath! I really like the placement too, it suits it. I’m glad you had a good experience and had such a supportive artist, that really makes a lot of difference! I wish you luck as your tattoo heals, the itching on mine drove me crazy sometimes, but I kept my hands (and nails) off it and just moisturised heaps. Now it’s healed 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks great! The artist has really clean work. Baby’s breath as always been my favourite beside Daisy’s 🙂 watch out! Tattoos are addicting! I started with one and now I have more than 10…. and I still want a couple more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your tattoo is so cute! I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 12. I wanted to get a scorpio, and I still kinda do, but I want the number 23 first since that’s just my lucky number that follows me. I don’t think I could ever handle a nose piercing. I ear they are super simple I just wouldn’t be able to deal ha! I only have two piercings in both my ears and that’s as far as piercings go for me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes sense, I guess it’s just not for everyone. I was so close to getting my lip pierced when I was 19, some days I regret not doing it, while others I’m like I wouldn’t be able to wear it to work so I’m okay with it.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. LOVE IT!!!! And the location! I was thinking of getting my next one here! How awkward was its? Did you lie down for it there?

    Its so feminine and beautiful! Well done on your choice!

    PS what doe you call this place? back of you elbow? Upper inner arm?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just said ‘back of my arm’ :p you lie on your belly and stick your arm out! It didnt hurt much to get it since its not a bony place but the healing was annoying because i chose not to sleep on it for a few days. Plus, it happened to be rainy that wee and the tattoo cream would get all over my jackets xD but other than that its a good spot to start! Thanks so much! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😂 Its a odd one isn’t it! But i think its a great place for a delicate tatt!!

        Ou ye! Id say it was tricky enough!

        To start….. ohhhh… someone has the tattoo bug now 😂 they are quite addictive alright! I started on my thighs and am now getting braver. Would love one on my side under my bra straps…. until i find a good time of year to go braless while healing 😂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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