7 YA Cliches That Annoy Me 

Hey everybody, how goes it?

Ahhh k so, the next two weeks are going to be quite scary/new for me! Starting with tomorrow…I’m getting my first tattoo!! I have a few piercings but I know that a tattoo is a completely different experience. I’m so nervously excited right now 😀 I’ll probably be doing a post Wednesday about it – if that’s something you guys are interested!

Anyway! On to today’s post 🙂 

I’ve been reading quite a few a YA Novels lately and it got me thinking about how there’s basically a formula for these types of books if you think about it. Sometimes YA stories are so by the book that you could probably predict the entire plot line by simply reading the back or the sleeve. So today, I wanted to write about the biggest YA cliches that have me cringing hard these days :p

Here we go!

1. The Innocent Girl Who Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful

I feel like now more than ever, we are in need of female characters in YA novels who know their self worth and enjoy it. Why should the girl always be the untouched, innocent, inexperienced one in the relationship? I don’t think a female character opposite of that description (or somewhere in the middle) should automatically count as a negative or not classy. Take Claire in Outlander, who was previously married before finding Jaime. I loved their relationship dearly for a ton of reasons but one major one was because these cliche rules seemed to be reversed – Jaime was the ‘inexperienced’ one and joked that he ‘reckoned one of them should know what they’re doing.’ As a woman, I thought it was a fun and powerful point in the book to read. While Outlander is more of an adult read, I’m seeing this trope be dumped more and more – take Jess and Jason in Abbi Gline’s Misbehaving. Feeling trapped by her reputation, Jess falls for a boy named Jason (who basically has the complete opposite rep of hers) after he sees her threatening to beat her boyfriends pickup with a baseball bat for mistreating her. First, I thought that made her so badass and I was so happy to not see yet another damsel in distress. Second, the book did a really great job of showing Jess overcome her reputation and proving that your ‘number’ so to speak doesn’t define you.

2. The Character Who Seemingly Has All The Money In The World


I don’t know if this one would be considered nit-picky but for some reason, it seriously bugs me when a character is depicted as a bottomless well of wealth for no apparent reason. It just takes me out of the story because all I can think is ‘Moneys no object? Seriously? How often does that happen in reality?’ Examples like I Am Number Four (by Pittacus Lore) and Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) come to mind…whether the author explains why this character can make obscene purchases without consequence or not..it just kinda bugs me xD Maybe I’m weird lol!

3. The Mysterious Bad Boy With A Sliver Of Good In Him


Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the Patch’s and Damon Salvatore’s of YA fiction but this trope is getting kinda tiring. Nowadays, it’s basically a given that if a bad boy comes into the heroines view, she’s going to discover some redeemable quality and fall for him for it because that’s just the way authors roll now. I think it’d almost be interesting if a heroine did that and the bad boy really did stick with being  a villain and betray her or something because it would have such good shock value xD

4. The Jealous Ex With No Other Purpose In The Story 

I feel like the character who is the ex and suddenly becomes evil and plotting with jealousy is just getting so overused in YA. To a point, it almost feels like if it weren’t for this heart-broken ex’s obsession with revenge, they wouldn’t even have a point in the novel. I’d love it if ex’s could have a bigger or more complex role in novels that showed them actually outgrowing their heartbreak and becoming something more. For example, it might not be book based but the show Skins is totally geared towards young-adults anyway and I loved how the relationship between Effy and Katie developed beyond the awkward fact that they’re both into the same guy.

5. The Love Triangle 


Between the hype of the Salvatore brothers or Edward and Jacob, the whole love-triangle thing is a little overrated. Is there really no other troubles that a couple can get into then one person being in love with two characters at the same time? I’ve been really appreciating books lately when a romance isn’t the main focus of a story or the couple are actually in a solid enough relationship that the problems they face have zero to do with their romance.

6. When One Supernatural Gets Popular, They Really Get Popular


Okay, I hate it when an author writes a hugely popular novel about some supernatural species and suddenly that species is the subject of every single YA novel coming out there…We’ve had vampire, zombie, fallen angel, fairy phases and I don’t see these trends stopping from emerging any time soon. When one novel does really well, it’s like it’s suddenly a thing that every other novel with that species will instantly become a hit too right? No, not exactly. In fact, I think that an author who decides to publish something different during one of those phases are doing the cool thing because sooner or later, people are bound to get sick of the latest phase they’ve become obsessed with. I also think that too many similar books like this becoming popular at the same time can get toxic – fandoms end up going up against each other, arguing which book is better even if they have nothing else in common besides featuring the same supernatural species.

7. Insta-Love


I’ve been hearing this term pop up more and more lately (or am I just late to the party lol?) but it’s so true!! I’ll be awing big time when a character describes the first time they lay eyes on the person they start liking..but to suddenly declare deep and tumultuous love for them is juust a tad fast xD Most times I can ignore it and go on to enjoy the book anyways but other times it just totally ruins the credibility of a relationship between characters 😮

So what are your favorite/worst tropes in YA novels? Tell me in the comments because now I’m done ranting, I’d love to hear to hear what you guys think! Until next time, goodnight all ❤


19 thoughts on “7 YA Cliches That Annoy Me 

  1. Mel!! You’re getting your first tattoo, I’m so excited for you 😀 😀
    It’s not too bad, its more of a constant, annoying pain than a really bad one.
    Also, I’m with you on these cliches. Especially the first one! Let’s get some super confident heroines up here! 😀

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  2. Ohhhh yes, I agree with all of these! Insta-love is just TIRING to see and I immediately lose interest in a book if the MC suddenly declares their love for someone after like 2 hours lol. Great list! And good luck getting your first tattoo, I’d be so nervous :’)

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  3. Ugh, I’ll never get another tattoo. It felt like someone was letting a cat scratch me and then hot water was being poured into the cut. So uncomfortable. That’s why I chose the ankle. But apparently that’s one of the worst areas to get it. 🤷‍♀️
    I’m rooting for you! 😉

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  4. OMG NUMBER 6! Maybe it’s because I’m almost 30-maybe it’s because I’ve watched it happen over and over and over again. Maybe it’s because publisher’s see that re-tellings/vampires/zombies/monsters/etc worked for one book that they then push all the other titles down my throat. But Number 6 is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE peeve of mine.

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  5. Ah yes I agree with this list so much!! Especially the innocent girl that doesn’t know she’s beautiful, the jealous ex and the dreaded love triangle!! And yes I can’t stand instalove!!! And yes, I agree so much about trends- they drive me nuts cos they end up producing loads of samey books all at once!!

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