5 Artists That Inspire Me

Helloo everyone!

How is your summer going so far?

You know those days when you plan to be so productive and then, for whatever reason, you realize hours later that you’ve done absolutely nothing? Well today was totally one of those days for me. The distraction? The black hole that is Youtube and Kpop music videos.

I’ve been listening to so much music lately and, without school to get in the way, I’m finally reading regularly again.

Both of these things inspire and motivate (or sometimes distract hehe) me so today I thought it would be fun to share with you guys artists who inspire me! Even though I can’t sing if my life depended on it or play an instrument really well, music has always been a passion of mine and musicians have been a great source of inspiration to me. And as a writer, obviously certain authors have had a big influence on me too :p But as for my top favorite authors, I’ve already done a post like that and you can read it right here!

So music-wise, here are the top 5 artists that have inspired me the most!

Brian Molko (Placebo)

“If you’re in a band, and you want to survive, the most important thing that you must understand is that you have to get used to being unfashionable. Because a lot of people make music – which is fashionable – so they go into the studio, make a piece of music and by the time they leave the studio, the fashion has changed…don’t worry about what’s ‘cool’. Get used to being uncool.”

The very first artist that comes to mind when I think of who inspires me has to be Brian Molko, of the English rock band Placebo. I discovered them mid-high school and their music completely changed my life. Not only did the bands androgynous, grunge, ‘no-shits-given’ attitude help define what music I continued to gravitate towards as the years went on, Brian and Stefan shaped me as an artist and taught me that being a good one has nothing to do with following the trends and what is considered popular. It’s all about being yourself and staying true to that.

“Being so honest in my writing is cathartic.”

Every time I watch a performance by the band or an interview with Brian, I’m completely captivated because as an artist, writer and person, he has so much experience and wisdom. Whether their song meaning is something dark like depression or lighthearted like love, their lyrics have always been so brilliant and poetic. Listen to my favorite song/performance by them, English Summer Rain here! 🙂

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

“Art is the weapon.”

I started listening to My Chemical Romance in high school and was completely crushed when the band split in 2013! But at least all the band members are still doing great today and pursing solo careers – everyone looks so happy and I guess that means I’m happy too :p I love the band as a whole but Gerard Way has always been a really inspiring figure to me – someone who overcame so much self-doubt, addiction and really crawled himself out a dark place to become the person he wanted to be when he thought that he was done with it all. Far better off than when the band first started, today, he is a singer, artist/writer and father/husband.

“I feel like my mission is to be honest with myself. My mission is to share my truth – share, not give. I think that’s what an artist is supposed to do: I think they share.”

Gerard, much like Brian, celebrates being yourself. When I was in high school, that was probably the toughest lesson I learnt and it was thanks to them that I learnt it at all. Artistically speaking, I love concept albums and was wowed every time I listened to a new MCR album (and then Gerard Way’s solo album) because even though it was always a drastically different style or sound, it still felt like MCR.

Josh Ramsay

“You gotta write for you and as soon as you’re writing for someone elses expectations, you’re not really doing it for the right reasons anymore.”

Lead singer of the punk-rock band, Marianas Trench, this guy is a lyrical genius. Again with the whole concept album thing, I fell in love with Marianas Trench when my best friend showed me them years back and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. They’re amazing performers (I’ve seen them live twice and it definitely won’t be the last time!) and I love how Josh can be goofball one second and very serious another. Not only is he an amazing lyricist, talent musician and hilarious dude, but his openness about his eating disorder and self-image issues that he struggled with was really meaningful to me. I struggled with worrying I was too thin, too awkward, too quiet and Josh made me feel both less alone and happier.

“This is not a celebration of being sick, it’s more about I don’t know, if you have a problem I find that keeping it a secret makes it so much stronger. So it was my way of getting it off my chest so that it wasn’t only my secret anymore.”


I’ve definitely become a more serious kpop fan in more recent years but when I fell, I fell hard xD One of those groups that I fell in love with would absolutely have to be BTS. Between their diverse singing styles, stunning choreography and beautiful cinematography, there is basically nothing to hate about them. Unlike a lot of Kpop groups that I’ve seen though, I appreciated how BTS could have as many serious songs (such as ‘I Need U’) as they could upbeat dance anthems. When they released their newest song, the heart-warming ‘Spring Day’, I didn’t know what I was more impressed with – the gorgeous video or beautiful lyrics. Jungkook is definitely more my style of music but I was absolutely blown away with Suga’s ‘First Love’ and Rap Monsters ‘Who Am I To You’ or V’s ‘Stigma’…The truth is, I could list what I love about every member but that would have to make up an entire post by itself so lets just save that for another day xD The thing with BTS is that there really is something for everyone to love about them.

“Happiness is not something that you have to achieve. You can still feel happy while in the process of achieving something.”

Watching them recently win the BBMA for Top Social Media Artist was insane! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for these 7 seriously talented guys and what doors they’ve opened for other deserving Korean groups!


“Sincerity has it’s way of getting across to touch peoples hearts.”

While Taeyang is apart of the very well known group, Big Bang, I’ve always felt myself more drawn to him specifically. While his voice also suits the type of music I like, I love his range of style and his personality!

Taeyang has some amazingly sweet songs like ‘Take it Slow’ (that remind me so much of how my boyfriend and I met) and beautifully heart-breaking pieces like ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. He also has some seriously awesome dace skills and despite giving off a tough persona in videos like ‘Ringa Linga’, he’s always shown to be a humble, polite guy who has a knack for writing emotional music. Even though song-writing and writing a novel are in different realms, I really aspire to write the way Taeyang does one day!

“Rather than becoming the best, I want to become a singer with meaning.”

. . .

Well, that’s about it for my post today! Maybe next time I’ll include photographers/drawers etc? Now tell me..who inspires you? Write them down in the comments below! Until next time, happy weekend ❤


12 thoughts on “5 Artists That Inspire Me

  1. Great post! I agree with you about Gerard Way, he’s been an inspiration to me for many, many years. I always say he should become a motivational speaker. I have yet to meet him but I’ve seen him perform twice with MCR & then once on his own. I love MCR ❤ Definitely miss them!
    Also Marianas Trench, I remember those guys! I remember when they broke out, manI used to loooove them. Recently I haven't listened to any of their new suff, I'm sure it's good, I just don't listen to them anymore.
    A lot of my friends are kpop fans, I love seeing how passionate they are about the music. Even though I'm not a fan, I love listening to the music with them! 🙂

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  2. PLACEBO! Placebo got us through High School to be honest.
    We were introduced to Placebo via Cruel Intentions & never looked
    back! We were so lucky to see them perform in London at a private
    gig. My favorite album is Sleeping with Ghosts, but really love all of
    Placebos body of work over the decades, they are truly 1 in a million.

    We are currently OBSESSED with LAS AVES from France, 1 girl and 2 boys.
    The vision & art direction is flawless, Leo & N.E.M are works of art & Antistar
    is so fresh, so happy music is finally moving forward. “If I don’t want to dance!”

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    1. Sounds like I’ve got to check those out! Another Placebo fan!? Wow I feel like that’s so rare, I don’t see many in Montreal! However I did get to see them about a year ago on tour when they came here and it was a dream come true! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is pouring down with rain here in Miami, so cue *English Summer Rain!

        Placebo is the type of group that comes along once, & never again, the
        quote you referenced is so on point.

        The Placebo cover of “Running Up That Hill” gives me chills every time.

        English Summer Rain, Special Needs, Sleeping with Ghosts, & Second Sight

        Soulmates never die.


      1. True, life is inspiring. The Gathering, which is a student-led worship service, at school is inspiring as well. This upcoming school year is my final year at college. Life is wonderful, but so challenging

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