Summer 2017 Lookbook

Hey there everyone!

It looks like this week might actually be a beautiful one weather wise and words cannot describe how happy it makes me to see some sunshine! Especially considering that Montreal very recently had a state of emergency lifted due to flooding, I think pretty much everyone in this city is excited for the change in weather.

Today, I thought it’d be fun to do a Summer look book and show you guys some of my favorite outfits that I wear this time of year! I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing something simple like a pair of jean shorts and a band tee or a summer dress. I love summer not only for it’s warmth but also because of how effortless the fashion is!

Soo without further ado, here is the lookbook!

Outfit #1

(Romper: Kensington Market, Toronto)

 I’ve gotten so much use out of this since I picked it up last summer! This blue romper with white flowers looks both professional and cute. I feel so comfortable in it and was amazed when I tried it on because typically, rompers don’t suit my body for some reason. Once the store owner told me all of her clothing was both vintage and new clothes from Korea I went a little crazy – seeing how obsessed I am with their music and fashion, I couldn’t resist splurging there and will most definitely be back!

Outfit #2

(Bomber & Tank top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: American Apparel)

I love that this bomber is versatile in the sense that it can either be dressed up or down. Its just a really easy outfit in general and the tank top is super comfy since it has that soft feel to it that all Brandy Melville clothes seem to have. I typically wear this when I’m hanging out with friends since it’s so comfy casual.

Outfit #3

(Dress: Kensington Market, Toronto)

This is the second dress I bought at the little Korean store in kensington Market last summer. This is the epitome of a summer dress to me what with the flower print, mixture of fitting and looseness and the mint/pink color palette. It’s probably the girlies thing I have in my closet – I’m drawn to it’s floral pattern since floral dresses are my weakness during the summer but for the past couple years, I’ve saved my money for vintage floral dresses only because since it’s such a popular trend, getting a one of a kind sounds like such a cooler way to express yourself!

Outfit #4

(Tank top: Papa Roach concert, Shorts: American Eagle)

This is probably my most worn outfit during the summer! I live for tank tops and muscle tees during this time of year and love to collect band tees so this top was basically a must-buy when my boyfriend and I went to see Papa Roach live a few years ago. I ended up grabbing it because it’s actually a lyric from my favorite song by them, ‘Forever’. This outfit makes me feel comfortable, rocker chic and confident. Plus, its a great memory of one of the best concerts that I’ve gotten to see! :p

So there you have it, my first look book! What do you like to wear during the summer? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 PS. Thank you to my best friend Robyn, for lending her photography skills and mind-reading abilities – she always seems to know what I’m goingIMG_1206 for and how to make it better!

Until next time, 




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