The Disney Princess Book Tag

Heyy everyone!

Today I read this really awesome tag called The Disney Princess Book Tag, over at Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. I love anything Disney and this tag was way too adorable to pass up – I knew I had to do it!

So, here it goes!

SNOW WHITE (THIS BOOK, LIKE THE MOVIE, STARTED IT ALL) –  Favorite debut book from an author

Under The Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

I was so surprised that this was the authors first book and it was so well done! I loved everything from the characters, dystopic world and diverse factions. Now, I’m basically hooked on anything she writes!

CINDERELLA (A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH) – Just like Cinderella, you either didn’t expect much out of this character in the beginning but turned out to be a total gem

Finding It – Cora Carmack

Being the third in the series, I was pretty familiar with Kelsey’s character even though this was the first novel in her perspective. My opinion of her was the trope of the dumb blonde best friend who only cared about boys and the beginning of the novel definitely fed into that expectation more. However, it slowly showed that Kelsey had much more to her than charm and it ended up becoming one of my favorite books thanks to the depth of her character.

AURORA (SLEEPING BEAUTY) – A book that makes you sleepy or just couldn’t hold your attention

New Moon – Stephanie Meyer

Okay, if I’m being honest, when I was reading these books in high school, I was totally team Edward. Therefore, reading a book where Edward crushes Bella’s heart isn’t exactly the fondest memory I’ve ever had. I did love all of the books and the movies were well done but I just didn’t find myself tearing through the pages of New Moon like I had Twilight.

ARIEL (UNDER THE SEA) – A book with a water/ocean setting

Of Poseidon – Anna Banks

These books always seem to make their way into my tags but it seriously can’t be helped! I love them too much! Seeing how the books are about a mer-like species, obviously it’d be set in the deep blue sea :p

BELLE (BEAUTY AND THE BOOKS) – Name a book with the best bookworm/book lover

(Hermione) Harry Potter – JK Rowling

Hermione, duh! I love that she’s an intelligent young woman with her nose in a book at all times. Definitely a relatable character if I’ve ever read one :p I also really loved Klaus from Series of Unfortunate Events. He and Violet are a seriously cool pair of siblings.

JASMINE (THE THIEF AND THE PRINCESS) – Name a book with an unlikely love story (either in terms of romance or a book you didn’t expect to love so much)

City of Ashes – Casandra Claire

*Spoiler!!* I hadn’t expected Clary to kiss Simon – maybe I’m blind but I really hadn’t thought she’d reciprocate his feelings annd while I love Jace, I still thought that these two were sweet. I have yet to read book 3 (I know, I know, I’m so behind!!) so I don’t know if they stay together but for the time being, I liked their unexpected romance.

POCAHONTAS (THE REAL LIFE PRINCESS) – Name a book that is based on a real life person you want to/have read

She Said Yes – Misty Bernall & #Girlboss – Sophia Amaruso

I read She Said Yes, a true story written by a mother who lost her daughter in a school shooting, in grade 8. The book was half told by the mother and half through the daughters journal entries before the shooting happened. It was both a heart-breaking and beautifully terrifying read. On a more positive note, I recently got into Girlboss on Netflix and I’m dying to read the book now! It’s both inspiring  and hilariously relatable!

TIANA (THE PRINCESS WITH THE COOLEST AND MOST DIVERSE CREW) – Name a book with a diverse set of characters, or just diverse in general

Marked – Pc Cast & Kristen Cast

This book, while I’m not sure if it counts, has a lot going on when it comes to the diversity of characters: between humans, vampyres, fledglings, gods/godesses, people who can see the future, demons and fallen angels..and that’s just the tip of the iceburg! I love the imagination of this incredible mother / daughter duo!

RAPUNZEL (LET YOUR LOOOOONG HAIR DOWN) – Name the longest book you’ve ever read

Dragonfly In Amber – Diana Gabaldon

I’m currently reading this one and it clocks in at about 900 pages (actually a little over that I think?). Prior to that, Outlander, which was 850 or something like that was the longest book I’d read up to date. I’m definitely more a fan of young adult and their 200-300 page books but this series has found it’s way into my heart despite my being utterly overwhelmed by it’s size when I first started!

MERIDA (I DETERMINE MY OWN FATE) – A book where there is no love story is one isn’t needed

Unwind – Neil Shusterman

Now, there is romance in this book, don’t get me wrong. But the beautiful thing is, all three ladies in these relationships are portrayed as strong and independent. The romance might be present but it’s certainly not at the forefront of the novels! Half the time, the characters are separated by circumstance and the love story going on is more emotional than it is physical – but I think that’s something that makes their love stronger!

MOANA (HOW FAR I’LL GO) – A character that goes on a journey

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

Ahh I’m sorry (not sorry) but my obsession with Outlander has yet to die. When I think of adventure, I can’t help but think of Claire’s journey through time and what she had to endure and the things she expirienced or the choices she had to make.

. . .

So there’s my post for today!
It seems like it’s a pretty popular tag here on book blogs so if you haven’t gotten to it yet, you’ve been tagged 😀 If you’ve already done it, I’d love to read yours, so link it down below! Until next time,


22 thoughts on “The Disney Princess Book Tag

  1. Thanks for the mention! And yay! A water related book I now need to read! 😂 I’ve seen that book all over lately so I think I need to pick it up. And I’m only about 100 pages into Outlander (since that book is HUGE it’s really not that far!) and I’m liking it but not sucked in completely yet

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    1. Outlander is an amazing book but the start is a bit slow. Around 200 it gets literally impossible to put down!! I stayed up til 6am to finish it when i had 200 pages left because I haad to know what happened xD and Of Poseidon is so awesome. Quick, funny, romantic.. :p Thanks for introducing me to such a fun tag!

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      1. That’s what I’ve heard about Outlander. Many people say that when it finally gets into Jamie’s story then I won’t want to put it down. I hope so!! I can’t believe you stayed up that late reading!! It must be good!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely agree. I read the series on iBooks so nobody would know what I was reading. 😛 But other than #2, I thought they were fine. It may be cheesy teen lit, but the storyline kept me interested.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just finished outlander and am reading Dragonfly in Amber! When I first saw how big it was I was very intimidated but I’m just chugging along!

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