7 Scary Good Apocalypse Novels 

Hey Wanderers, how goes it?

This week, I found myself getting the urge to read a bunch of dystopian/apocolypse novels on my bookshelf but God knows, with it being the final two weeks of college, I’ve got no time to read anything unless it’s in a textbook…and maybe even then xD

So today I thought that since I couldn’t read the books I’ve been thinking of, I’d share them with you! Here are 7 really awesome (and frightening) apocalypse novels you HAVE to read!

1. Under The Never Sky (Veronica Rossi)

In a post-apocalypse world, Earth is almost unrecognizable and cursed with violent lightning storms, lethal to anyone out and exposed. Aria, a young woman has been living with the last known survivors in an underground utopia where technology distracts them and rules them. Life is pretty predictable for Aria until one reckless night with her friends. Cast out of her haven and thrown into the dangerous world outside, Aria is lost with only the bit of knowledge she knows about her new surroundings. And then she meets Perry, a boy who is mysterious but cunning with a unique ability to sense others emotions around him. In search of his missing nephew, he enlists Aria’s help who turns out to be the most unexpected and perfect accomplice. I love everything about this series! The surroundings, the factions, the abilities that the outsiders can develop and the traditions they follow. Plus, Roar is easily one of my favorite characters I’ve ever read about. It’s a romantic, beautiful, funny and also terrifying world that shows what people are willing to do in order to live – not just survive.

Check out the heart-pounding trailer here!

2. The Stand (Stephen King)

An oldie but terrifying goodie. The king of horror wrote this lengthy novel about a violent and merciless plague that takes more than half the world with it and leaves few survivors to deal with the shambles of their planet. Two factions, good and evil, soon come together as the survivors are gifted (or cursed with) dreams that lead to find each other. It’s definitely not a light right but it’s absolutely a worth it one! The Stand is a horrifying masterpiece that anyone can relate to thanks to it’s array of characters who all have their turn giving you their thoughts on the end of the world. There’s Larry (the one-hit-wonder rock star..and maybe my favorite!), Fanny (a single soon-to-be mom), Nick (a man who cannot hear or speak but is the quickest thinker in the story) and Stu (a simple but tough and resourceful man who becomes a leader). There is so much to this novel and I think it’s so interesting how many things are going on in just one story. You really get to see the apocalypse through an array of different people – one who could even remind you of you. If you’re more into film, I’d really recommend the four part movie! It’s a bit cheesy at times given the date it was released but has a ton of famous faces and is entertaining as it is eerie!

Here’s the very cheesy but seriously awesome trailer for the 1994 film! 

3. Forest of Hands & Teeth (Carrie Ryan)


This is your typical zombie apocalypse but then again, it’s not. I flew through this three book series and though I found the first book to be a bit slow, the other two novels were amazing! Told through the eyes of three women over the course of a few years, these novels chronicle how the human race gets along in a world where rotting monsters want to munch on you.What I also loved was how each book depicted a different society: an overly religious community in the woods, a village by the sea and an apocalyptic New York City. I highly recommend this series for the brilliant intertwining relationships of the three women and for the fact that it’s just a good, classic zombie read.

Here’s the trailer for the second novel – all three are so creepy & but this, in my opinion, is the best…and it’s 100% spoiler free :p

4. The Host (Stephanie Meyer)

Imagine being taken over by aliens but not just simply being wiped out as a race, but instead having your body snatched and taken over by the invading species. In Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, Melanie is a young girl on the run from these aliens with her kid brother and man she loves. Until she is caught that is and used as a human host. Trapped inside her body with another alien soul, Wanderer, but unable to control herself, Mel is desperate to save her family who is hiding out with the rest of the human resistance. When Wanderer becomes conflicted about the malicious and cold ways of her species, she begins to work together with Mel to find her family and return to them. This book offers a really unique story from an even more interesting point of view(s?). I really enjoy the movie too and would recomed both to anyone looking for an original Sci Fi apocolypse that also has a dash of romance.

Check out the equally thrilling trailer right over here!

5. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

Set in a horrifyingly alternate version of the United States, Lena is about to undergo ‘The Cure’ to prevent catching a deadly disease that once took the world by storm –  they call it Delirium. As it turns out, Delirium is what we know as falling in love. It might sound strange, but Delirium gives off major 1984 vibes in a world where you cannot show too much emotion or take control of your life without being condemned an infected and either forced to take the cure or killed. Lauren Oliver did an amazing job with this series, creating an interesting world and a thrilling, heart-pounding plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ps. there was even a movie/show that was filmed but was never properly picked up. now it’s just kinda floating around on the internet. Check out the surprisingly really cool trailer here!

6. Dearly Departed (Lia Habel)

This book or author might not be super well known but I loved it and am still waiting for the final book!! Another zombie novel, this story is set in 2159 where technology is advanced but society adopts characteristics of the Victorian era. When Nora, a respectable lady living in the city, is faced with a marriage she doesn’t want, she figures nothing can make her day worse. That is until she is kidnapped by zombiefied soldiers. Thanks to science, the zombies in this book can slow down their rotting process and (for a time) keep their mind. When Nora meets Bram, a dashing soldier who also happens to be dead, the two slowly become tender. Despite their star-crossed love, the two go for what their hearts want and savor the time that they have together.

7. Unwind (Neil Shusterman)


Probably the most terrifying book on this list, Neil Shusterman’s masterpiece ‘Unwind’ is set in the near future of the US where parents have the option to sign any child under 18 over to the government to be unwound. Desperately low on transplantation resources and serving as a way to avoid resorting to abortion, a powerful company named Proactive Citizenry develops an operation that takes ‘unruly’ children and harvests 99.99% of their body parts, saving them for ‘more deserving’ people who need it. Under messed up belief that you are not really dead, just living in a divided state, this is definitely a horrific look at the future. Told primarily in the point of view of three children on the run, Connor, Lev and Risa, the book tells a harrowing tale of messed up politics and how it completely uproots the lives of these teenagers. With some chapters in seemingly random points of views like guards and a child being unwound, this book really manages to get in everyone characters mind, even the minor ones. It also raises a lot of ethical questions to those reading it.

If you want to see a seriously chilling take on the Unwinding process, check out this video made by Mainstay Pro!

That’s it for todays post! Obviously, the dystopian/apocolypse genre is a big one and I don’t see the trend that it’s become ending anytime soon. Even this year we’ve seen even more new releases! But sadly, I haven’t personally had time the time to read them..which leaves me with the question:

What are you’re favorite books in this genre? Let me know in the comments down below!

Ouu!! And I’ve got a really interesting bonus question: If you were living in the universe of Under The Never Sky, would you rather live with the futuristic underground civilization with all the advanced technology at your fingertips or outside with the more primitive faction and dangers but with a possible really cool mental ability? 🙂

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “7 Scary Good Apocalypse Novels 

  1. I’ve had the unwind series sitting on my shelf for the longest time. The premise is so unique and terrifying!! The Host is an incredible book! The movie didn’t come close to the emotions I felt while reading the book!

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    1. Ou thats really interesting to hear about the host! I felt so emotional watching it! :pp You totally have to read Unwind. It’s bone chilling and kinda cruel but you’ll read it so fast because you wont be able to put it down!

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