Soundtrack Saturdays (#5)

Hey everyone!

How goes it? This week has been long and tiring and because of that, I found myself missing my boyfriend a lot. Though he’s only a short bus ride away and we go to the same college, between studying for finals and my work schedule, it’s been weeks since we hung out. Plus, with our five year anniversary coming up, I’ve been plotting lately what I could get him *mischievous grin*. Which got me thinking and reminiscing. When we first began talking, the first thing that we bonded over was our shared taste in music.

That’s why this week, I got kinda cheesy with this playlist…so I’m sorry (except not) in advance :p I give youu *drum roll*

Epic Love Playlist

Ultra Life ~ Oh Wonder


Love Don’t Die ~ The Fray


Take It Slow ~ Taeyang


The Only Exception~ Paramore


Save Me ~ BTS


I Dare You ~ The XX


Wherever This Goes ~ The Fray


Sleep On The Floor ~ The Lumineers


Stay With Me ~ Taeyang (ft. G-Dragon)


Ho Hey ~ The Lumineers


Missing You ~ G-Dragon (ft. Suhyun)


My Love ~ Sia


What do we consider ‘our songs’?

Look After You ~ The Fray

Where Is My Mind ~ The Pixies 

Through Glass ~ Stone Sour

There you have it for this weeks playlist guys! 🙂 If you have a significant other, what would be ‘your song?’ What are your favorite love songs? As always, let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from you and finding new music!

Until next time,


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