Outlander Book Tag!

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Today, I decided to do a quick tag to reflect my recent obsession. What obsession? Outlander of course! I’m a few hundred pages into the second book and I’m loving being out of this long and miserable reading slump! Abookutopia created this tag not tooo long ago on her YouTube channel and tagged any Outlander fans to do it themselves (check the original out in the link!) soo here I am! :p

~ Questions ~

1. You touch some standing stones and get transported back in time, what year would you hope to land in?

I’m not a huge history buff but the time I’d want to visit would probably be either the 20’s or 30’s when there was crazy clothes and jewelry. Everything was extravagant and passionate. I think the fashion was very interesting 🙂 But I also really wish I lived out my twenties in the 80’s or 90’s because that’s when a lot of bands I love were at their peak (Placebo, Guns n Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana..)!
2. Claire is a very good nurse, what type of skill would you want to have that a fictional character excels at?

Ahh that’s so hard! But when they say ‘skill’ does a supernatural ability count? Because I can’t think of any skills but I’d love to be a Skin Walker like Maya in The Gathering (Kelly Armstrong). I’ve always loved characters who can turn into animals and Maya can transform into a cougar. Living in Canada, there’s soo much nature to be explored..but exploring any terrain as a hunter /  big cat sounds pretty awesome!
3. Jamie and Claire are ultimate relationship goals, who is your favorite fictional couple?

At the moment, Jamie and Claire from Outlander hands down!! 🙂 But I might have three others because just picking one couple is basically impossible if you’re book obsessed…right? My all time favorite couples are Clay and Elena from Otherworld, Roth and Layla from White Hot Kiss andd Perry and Aria from Under the Never Sky. They all make my heart race! :p
4. The ending of outlander was shocking, what is one book you read that totally blew your mind?

Hmmm…the ending battle scene in Becca Fitzpatrick’s Silence completely shocked me! I can’t say why because it would ruin the shock-factor but ohmygod, go read it! Pretty much everything in The House of Night series by Pc Cast and Kristen Cast was a shock. I remember reading a part where one of my favorite characters shared a kiss and everything was romantic and perfect and then all of the sudden ‘poof’, he’s in peril and probably dead. That entire series was a roller coaster.
5. Scotland has lots of castles and we see quite a few in Outlander, what fictional kingdom would you want as your own (castle included)?

Not to repeat books..but I’d totally want to attend House of Night. I loved reading about all of the classes kids got to take and thought it was funny how since they’re vampires, their classes are in the middle of the night and curfew is at dawn. Does that count as a kingdom?
6. Outlander has some very steamy scenes, what is your favorite romance novel?

It would probably have to be The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines. Though I’m a huge fan of her other series and the characters in it, at the time, Ashton’s story really spoke to me. She was in a complicated relationship and living in a situation where she felt like she was growing sick of trying to live up to everyone’s expectations – but she was too afraid to take charge. I loved how slowly, she got over that and chose the most unexpected man who ended up being the first to love her for her. Ashtyn and Beau are so perfect – and sexy – together ;p
7. The Jacobite Rising is a huge plot point in the Outlander series, what book has your favorite battle in it?

I can’t think of too many books where a big battle took place but as a kid, I was obsessed with watching Narnia over and over again. I love the final battle scene in Narnia; the lion, the witch and the wardrobe! There’s so much going on and every character’s arch comes to their crescendo – it’s pretty crazy.
8. Jamie and Claire get married very unexpectedly, what fictional character would you want to marry on a whim?

Whether fiction or reality, the only person I would want to marry is my boyfriend ;3 But I think Perry from Under the Never Sky and Darcy from Pride & Prejudice are both awesome husband material and kind of why I think Jamie is so great – they’d do anything to protect and be with their lovers.
9. Scotland is a beautiful place, what is one fictional world you would love to visit?

Narnia for sure!! I’m not going to lie, as a kid, it was because of books like Narnia and Bridge to Teribitha that my imagination ran wild. All I wanted was a crazy and wild adventure for simply stepping into my closet.
10. If you could change the past, would you?

honestly? Maybe only very recent past – as in things pertaining to my life. Though you can choose how to move forward with time, the past is just that. It’s done and it’s over but where would we be if different events hadn’t taken place? I’m happy with keeping the past how it is!
11.Tag somebody!

I tag all of you! Whether you just think this tag looks cool or you’re a fan of Outlander, I totally wanna see your answers to these fun questions! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this tag and link me your favorite tag that you’ve done! Lately I’ve been really into reading/watching them 😀


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4 thoughts on “Outlander Book Tag!

  1. Gah! Outlander ruined me. We even have a Scotland trip in the works right now because of these darn books. I am on book 5 or 6 and taking a break so I can read other books for a while, but I am sure I will jump back in soon enough.

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  2. Omg I love that you have read House of Night! I was into those forever ago! I don’t think I ever finished the whole series but really enjoyed them! I feel like not a lot of people know what they are but maybe I just haven’t seen others talk about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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