Summer Clothing & Accessories Haul

Hey everyone!

Lately I’ve been shopping around a lot between classes to grab a few things for summer. Maybe the chill that’s still lingering in the air inspired it – like if I believe hard enough that it’s warm, it will be sooner?

Anyway, this haul isn’t too massive and I’m sure I’ll be picking up a couple more things here and there before summer is really in full swing, but I wanted to share the major pieces I bought with you all!


Brandy Melville Tank Top:


 I have the exact same shirt in a navy blue but I got so much use out of it last Summer that I had to get it in another color! In the summer, I find it nearly impossible to wear anything with sleeves, even tee shirts, because I just get way too hot. So that’s why I’m way more drawn to tanks and muscle tees with the deep armholes. Plus, Brandy Melville clothes are always so soft and comfy.

H&M Olive Shorts & White Top With Lace Detail: 


I walked into H&M last week after my best friend sent me a text about how the store was having a massive sale…I went in intending to pick up a blouse or skirt or something for my upcoming presentation at school where we have to dress semi-formally, buut as you can see, that’s not exactly what I walked out with! I’m not usually one for colored jeans but something about these shorts called to me and as I was eyeing them, I saw the top on the rack beside it. It’s a mature, and leisurely outfit but still nice enough for a casual date! When it comes to summer clothes, I’m drawn more to simple outfits but the lace detailing on the top is so pretty!

Urban Planet Distressed Black Shorts:


 I pass this store often when I’m at work because we’re in the same mall and when I saw that the shorts we’re like, 40% off at one point, I couldn’t help but go in there and grab a pair! I bought a pair on high-waisted black shorts from American Apparel last summer but I thought a pair of distressed black ones like these would look really good paired with a grungy band tee.

Ps. is anyone else depressed that American Apparel is closing down forever? I loved their shorts and crop tops!! I was just starting to convince myself to just do it and buy disco pants already xD


Chokers chokers and more chokers!: 

I picked up my first choker last year at a vintage store in Toronto and have been wearing it like crazy since then! So, I decided to buy a couple more to change up my looks a bit 🙂 The brown lace-like one and the gold one with flowers comes from H&M. They were in a pack together and I loved how one was sweet and casual while the other was a bit fancier. Typically, I try and stay away from gold jewelry because my industrial bar is silver and I feel like they would clash. But the flowery one was too stunning to put back and I’ve already planned a couple of outfits with it…plus I’ve already got a ton of use out of the brown one. It goes with so much! Lastly, the black and white choker is from Urban Outfitters. I thought this one was casual and would look cute with some band tees or help spice up my more plain tank/tees. 

Friends Headphones (in”Taylor”, Gunmetal Headphones): 

I’m somehow who has never gone a day without music in her entire life since waay back when, from the moment my parents bought me my first walkman and cds at the age of 7 or 8. So if there’s anything that can put me in a bad mood, it’s crappy headphones. I switched from android to apple about a year or two ago and I actually really loved the apple headphones – especially because of the bluetooth mic on the side – but recently they died on me and finding a pair I like just has much has been a nightmare. Then I saw these stunners at Urban Outfitters last week and I was kind of squealing on the inside. Yes they were pricey, but they were also 50% off which was pretty impossible to pass off, and….maybe they’re in my favorite color combo ever. You see, if I see something black and copper, I’m leaving with it, no questions asked. I finally just picked them up yesterday and I’m loving them! It’s the first time I’m not using buds since I got my industrial piercing 5 years ago so it’s taking a bit of getting use to but the sound is seriously amazing and apparently the colored caps are interchangeable if you ever want to change up their look. But, like I said, I’m obsessed with copper/black so I think I’ll be sticking with these for a while :p

There’s my mini haul for you, I hope you enjoyed it! I might do a part 2 or something because there’s still a few things on my checklist buut that’s all for today! I tend to not buy too many clothes in the summer just because I wear a lot of the same outfits every year and I usually love them so much that I just end up wearing them to the ground before, reluctantly, buying new things xD I’d rather buy shorts of reliable, pricey quality that last a good four summers than a semi-pricey one that shreds in the wash a week within buying them, you know? 

What do you love wearing in the summer? Are you exciting for the break? Let me know in the comments down below! Keep smiling and have a good rest of your week!





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