Soundtrack Saturdays (#3)

Hey guys, coming at you with another Soundtrack Saturday this week! πŸ™‚

I was trying to rack my brain for another playlist idea when I was in the car with my best friend this week on the way to class like we always do on Thursdays – she drives but I don’t have my licence yet – and the idea came to me..It was when I closed my eyes, took a sip of my fresh hot coffee and closed my eyes to enjoy the music that the idea came to me – my driving playlist! Everyone has those kinds of songs they always play on the road and I wanted to share some that I love soo, here we go!

Aimless Drive Playlist

Miami ~ Foals


All We Know ~ The Chainsmokers


Work Song ~ Hozier


Medicine ~ The Pretty Reckless


I Got Love ~ TaeYeon


All We Do ~ Oh Wonder


Kids Β ~ Mikky Ekko


Closer ~ The Chainsmokers


Stay With Me ~ Taeyang (Feat. G-Dragon)


Treehouse ~ Sam Lachow (Feat. Airana Deboo)


House ~ Kindness


Total Life Forever ~ Foals


There you have it, the songs I love to play when I’m on the road. A mix of anthems, indie and electronica artists, a little punk and pop…what do you blast in the car? Let me know in the comments down below! πŸ˜€ Talk soon,


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