A Summer Bucket List

Helloo Wanderers, how goes it?

With it getting so much nicer out lately, I can’t help getting hyped up. There’s something about the change of a new season that always fuels me and gets me inspired – especially the summer. Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun, the promise of campfires and sparklers, the pool parties and days spent driving or biking aimlessly around. I love the long walks I take to the lake that end with DQ that my boyfriend and I do a million times over the break. There’s always a ton of birthday celebrations because all three of my best friends are born in the Summer – I’m the only one out of those girls who was born in the Winter, what luck right? Plus, there’s always June 1st, my anniversary. This year will mark 5 years that I’ve been with my boyfriend. I can’t even believe how time flies, it’s crazy! :p So, that’s why I couldn’t resist doing a post based on all that.

Here’s my bucket list for the summer!

  • Go to at least 2 concerts

love live music and going to concerts with good company is basically one of my favorite things ever. These are some of my favorite shows I’ve been too and shots I’ve taken! (The Fray, You Me At Six with Young Guns and Papa Roach)

  • Celebrate graduating college: In about four weeks, I’ll be done with school (possibly forever) and my boyfriends getting his degree as well! I think that’s definitely something to celebrate!
  • Get back into running: I use to run track in high school and I really missed running. Now that I can’t do local soccer anymore because it’s only for teens, I was racking my brain for other ways to be active. I started running again last summer and though it was a lot of work, I loved it. Also, I took a free-running class last year and it’d be epic to put some of that to use!
  • Spend a day at Mount Royal: Mount Royal is this artsy spot downtown. When you get off the metro, there’s all these local and new shops to check out, a ton of interesting cafe’s and places to eat plus the mountain that people hike up for the view. I’ve only been to the area for running events at the mountain and a job interview in the area but I’ve never been able to explore it properly!
  • Go on a picnic with everyone: My friends and I have been trying to plan either a camping trip or picnic for years but since pretty much all six of us work, it gets complicated to make plans sometimes. I swear, I’m making it happen this year if it’s the last thing I do!
  • Get a tennis membership: When I was in high school I use to take tennis lessons every winter all because this show, 15/Love, made me totally obsessed with the sport. We have a court at the park by my house… now I just need competition ;p
  • Throw a bonfire night: We have this really old handmade brick fireplace in my backyard and bonfires have been a thing for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite memories are all my friends over enjoying the pool during the day and trying to scare the crap out of me with scary stories by the fire at night.
  • Visit Toronto: It’s become kind of a tradition for me to visit my aunt down in Toronto every summer. Besides seeing other family which is always fun, we always find something fun to check out – plus visiting Kensington Market is pretty much the reason I stop spending and start saving come spring.
  • Buy a long board: I’ve wanted a long board for years but since I already had a bike, I told myself I didn’t need one. But c’mon, It’s a guilty pleasure and it’s finally time I snatch one! Plus, it’s basically surfing like surfing but on land right? Annd I mentioned in my last post how badly I want to do that!
  • Go on a double date: This past winter, we went on our first double date with my one of my best friends and a friend of my boyfriends who had come down to visit. It was something different and fun and it’d be cool if we could do it again :p There’s so many possibilities in the summer!!
  • Take more photographs: I might not have graduated with my photography degree like I’d planned three years ago, but I still love taking photos to this day! That’s kinda why I got Instagram actually, to push myself to get back into it 🙂 Expect a lot more photos coming up on my account..
  • Go to a gaming event: I’ve mentioned before how I want to eventually write games and work at a studio. Montreal is one of the top three cities for gaming so naturally, they have a ton of events and since the industry is all about networking, it would be awesome to attend one of them and meet some talented and cool people!
  • Plan an epic anniversary date:  Half a decade is a pretty big deal to me and though I don’t think we’ve planned anything yet, it’d be nice to do something special. But I have no idea what just yet!

So there’s my list so far..what are you planning this summer? Any big plans or epic vacations? Or are you just staying close to home? Tell me about your summer bucket list in the comments down below! Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time!


22 thoughts on “A Summer Bucket List

  1. This seems like a great bucket list! Having a bonfire night sounds like so much fun.
    This summer I mainly want to volunteer at various nonprofits.
    Anyway, congratulations on graduating college!! And a very happy anniversary to both you and your boyfriend:)
    From c

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  2. Woah you’ve got quite the list, I haven’t even begun to think of what I want to do this summer. I feel like last summer I just went with the flow and I ended up doing so much stuff, like I did the double decker tour of Toronto… even though I live like right there, it was fun to be a tourist in my own city. That reminds me I still want to go to Casa Loma this year, oh and The Ex is always a given. I hope you get to do everything on your list! 🙂

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  3. Early congrats on your college graduation; it can feel intimidating but liberating at the same time. I’ve heard good things about Mount Royal, and I want to go- hope you can do it this summer. I’d love to check you out on Instagram and see your gorgeous photos!

    I’ll be doing a bit more traveling this summer, but back in the States. Otherwise, just working and doing my Master’s!

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