6 Awesome YA Novels That Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Smile

Hey everyone!

If you’re in a reading slump or just feeling like reading something quickI thought I’d make a quick list of some seriously great YA novels to help you out 🙂 Young adult novels tend to be full of tropes but are also great at making you laugh and ship fictional couples hard with their irresistible romance. Really, anyone could use a quick young adult read to brighten up their day and put a smile on their face.

Let’s get into it!

The Book of Luke (Jenny O’Connell)


When Emily Abbott’s father declares that the entire family must move back to their hometown of Boston smack in the middle of her senior year, it turns out that being the girl who was voted ‘Girl most likely to be nice’, isn’t really working out for her anymore. Faced with being dumped on moving day, coupled with family drama and feeling like a total alien in her old school, Em is running on thin patience when she starts reconnecting with her Boston friends, Josie and Lucy. When she hears that Josie has been facing serious boy drama too, the girls make a plan to get back at Luke, the boy who did her girlfriend wrong. The plan was to create a handbook of ‘Guy Don’ts and toss it into the time capsule for future boyfriend-to-be’s to read but when Josie and Lucy send Emily to test out their advice on Luke, things get complicated and messy fast Emily learns that boys aren’t the only ones who could learn a thing or two about love and there might be more to Luke then she first thought.

The Book of Luke is an instant recommendation for me whenever someone wants something quick, easy and fun to read. Before each chapter begins, Jenny adds a ‘Guy don’ts’ at the start and they’re all hilarious! It’s a really great story that any girl who’s been through a bad breakout or scary move can relate to.

Finding It (Cora Carmack)


Finding It is actually the third book in this series and though you don’t necessarily have to read the first two to get through this novel, but I highly recommend all three! They are 3 short novels centering around 3 central friends who are also theater majors. In Finding It, the most reckless and wild of the trio, Kelsey finds her life after college at a standstill – ‘Where am I suppose to go after I graduate?’ It’s a question that I’ve been asking myself a lot lately and one that I think any student can relate to. So, what does she do? Travels around Europe, that’s what! Not expecting much except an escape, Kelsey,  soon encounters and befriends a mysterious boy on her travels. The two decide to continue backpacking together and they find adventure, love and themselves.

I love these novels mainly for their lightheartedness, and I definitely related to the third the most. But I love it even more for the way Cora mixes in real issues into the novels (such as sexual abuse in Finding It.)

Breathe (Abbi Glines)


Anyone who takes one look at the cover of an Abbi Glines novel probably assumes it can’t be anything but cliche and cheesy. But that’s totally not the case! While she has a ton of books to choose from, The Sea Breeze novels are my favorite in particular, centering on the lives of a group of friends who are all unique and colorful characters in their own right. The novels take place in Alabama, with each of the friends getting their own focus in a particular book. Her characters are so realistic, fun and flirty! One minute they’ll have you laughing embarrassingly in a public place and in another, you’ll be swooning over one of many cute couples in the books.

I breezed through these novels and straight onto her next series, eager to meet new characters but was really sad when I had to leave Sea Breeze behind. They have a way of sticking with you!

Marked (Pc Cast & Kristen Cast)


Getting into some more paranormal/fantasy YA, I instantly thought of the House of Night series by Pc Cast and Kristen Cast! There are a ton of books in the series but the adventures of Zoey Redbird,  teen-turned-new-fledgling (a.k.a vampire in transitioning) never gets old! I got Marked as a Christmas present one year and I could never put it down from that point on. After being ‘marked’ by a vampire (instead of bloody bite to the neck, think awesome half-moon tattoo on your forehead), Zoey must drop everything from her human life and begin living at the nearest House of Night school until she either successfully becomes a full-fledged vampire..or the transition kills her.

Throw a beautiful depicted school that anyone would want to attend, a diverse cast of characters that become friends, enemies, lovers and a universe that keeps the darkness of a vampire novel while destroying every typical boring trope and replacing it with something fresh and cool. If you’re looking for a fun and quick read – with a paranormal twist – this series is for you!

The Gathering (Kelly Armstrong)


Kelly Armstrong is a diverse author, writing everything from crime to fantasy, YA to horror. The Gathering takes place in the same universe as the characters in The Darkest Power series, however Maya’s story is a lot less scary on the horror-o-meter. Having grown up in a small and typically quiet medical research community on Vancouver Island, the most exciting that’s happened in forever is the arrival of newcomer, Rafe. Before him, Maya never questioned a thing about her life – not her surroundings or how her adoptive parents came to find her or the mysterious paw print birth mark she bares. All of that changes with his arrival when she begins having vivid dreams, strange experiences and facing strange deaths in town.

I love anything Kelly armstrong but this series was a lot of fun to read! The books are fast-paced, thrilling and sizzling with romance (though it doesn’t take the spotlight compared to everything else)...but maybe what I love most, because I’m bias, is the fact that it takes place in Canada!

Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick)


And lastly…I’d recommend Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick to anyone looking for a good YA read. This is a really awesome series that’s high on the romance and heavy on the heart-pounding thrills. Nora, a young girl living in Maine, isn’t really into boys. Dealing with the recent passing of her father and just trying to make it through high school, Nora is taken aback by new boy Patch who appears to be dark, mysterious and a relentless flirt, When strange and frightening things begin happening though and Patch seems to be involved somehow, Nora is unsure who to trust or turn to. What is his secret? Can she put her life in Patch’s hands – or is he behind it all?

Between the heady romance and the slight touch of crime/thriller, I was breathless by the end of this read! Still one of my favorite books to this day, anyone looking for a romance with a paranormal twist seriously needs to give this book a look!

Weeelll, that’s it for today 🙂 What are your favorite YA reads? Any of your own recommendations? Let me know in the comments down below!! See you next time,


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